Thursday, January 29, 2009

21 weeks....

Today we had doctor appointment and everything went great. I am 21 weeks tomorrow. Camden went along today since we were doing the ultrasound. I was telling him on the way down that we would be seeing a picture of the baby. He was pretty excited to see the baby but his idea of a picture was alot different. Overall everything looks good though with the baby.
The week has actually gone pretty fast with tomorrow being Friday...YAY!! It seems like I have been busy at work this week so the week seems to go faster. Brad has also been busy at work and has finished up doing our taxes this week. We are not doing anything exciting with our tax return but putting it in savings....woohoo...I am sure I could find better stuff to do with it:) Actually we want to save up to start adding on/redoing the house!!
Camden has had his normal week of going to school and daycare. He was pretty excited because he got to wear his pj's to school on Wednesday! This week he learned about strangers. He came home and was telling me everything we should do if a stranger comes up to us or tries to take us! Today he got to pick out his valentines for preschool and daycare and is very excited to give one to his girlfriends!:)
Have a good weekend!


Aaron or Jamie said...

So did you find out what you're having or not? If you did, are you telling?

Brooke Stevens said...

Baby was so active and kept crossing it's legs so they couldn't give us a 100percent definate answer!