Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doctor Appointment

Today we had our 30 week appointment and everything went well. My doctor is out of town so we had a different doctor today. Doctor was feeling my tummy and it was hard as a rock. She said it's definitely baby in there. It's going to be a 10 lb baby, I just know it!
9 weeks left until c-section day...woohoo! We actually scheduled the c-section today after our appointment. We are starting to go every 2 weeks to the doctor until May, then it will be weekly! It's going to go so fast this last 9 weeks. I am freaking out because I feel like I have so much to get done.
One last thing....awhile ago I said I had to do the 3 hour glucose test since I failed the first one and I passed the 3 hours, thank goodness!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday/Camden's Birthday

It's hard to believe my "baby" turned 4 today! This morning he got up and was ready to open presents, he didn't even want to eat breakfast. We had to wait til Brad got up after sleeping for a couple hours. He was pretty excited about all his presents! After presents we showered up and headed to Mankato to see my Grandma in the hospital. She seems to be pretty weak and very tired. From what I saw and everyone has told me she is getting better each day. We visisted for awhile and then it was time for her to get some rest because she was getting pretty tired. After leaving the hospital we headed to Fairmont to have a pizza party for Camden's birthday. Brad's parents, Buzz, Tab, Cassie, Oz, and Brett all met us there. Camden got to open more presents throughout the day and he was thrilled! After making a couple more stops we headed home and are all very tired. Camden didn't want to go to bed because he wanted to play with all his "cool" presents! He has preschool tomorrow and has one more day of celebrating his birthday!
I will post some pictures later.......

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Enjoying cupcakes and ice cream bars!
Camden and his baseball cupcake cake!

Opening presents!

Cameron, Trevor, Camden, Mitchell, Traven, and Jacob

Playing the whac-a-mole game


His 4 year old crown from daycare!

Birthday party!

I wish I had half the energy a 4 year old has! We celebrated Camden's birthday party today with 5 of his friends. The 2 1/2 hours they were here they ran wild and were full of so much energy! They had tons of fun and they all should sleep good tonight, Camden was getting pretty tired by the end of it! Camden got a new nerf gun, bubble machine, semi with cars, power rangers, a kite, books, and a race car. He is having tons of fun playing with everything!
Tomorrow is Camden's actual birthday and we are supose to be heading to the lakes to Bridges Bay to meet some family. We might wait and go to the waterpark next weekend and head to Mankato tomorrow to see my Grandma in the hospital. We are unsure what we will be doing as of right now! I told Camden today that Grandma Beadle was in the hospital and she is sick. He says "Awwww poor girl, does she have a tummy ache?" I just said yeah something kind of like that because being 4 he wouldn't understand why she is really sick!
Anways the day was fun and all of us are exhausted after the party! We will be doing presents with Camden tomorrow after Brad wakes up. He is excited to get more presents!
Also I wanted to thank Anne for making all his cupcakes she made for tomorrow and ones for him to take to preschool on Monday! It is much appreciated!!
I will post some pics of today later tonight if I get around to it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Connie!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Am I 4 yet??

That question sure is getting old. Yes Camden is so excited to be turning 4! The kid asked me daily if it's his birthday yet. He knows his bday is March 29th and I have showed him how many more days but he constantly asks! The most exciting thing about being 4 is he will get to play on the loft at daycare. They have this area where kids can go up and play with some of the older toys, games, etc. You can look down and still see the other kids. It was a neat idea for the daycare to build it for the older kids. We have a busy weekend planned for his birthday. Friday he will celebrate at daycare, Saturday is his friends birthday at our house, Sunday we are going to the waterpark to meet some family, and Monday he will celebrate at preschool. He is going to be exhausted but he is so ready to be 4!!

4 year checkup!

Today we had Camden's 4 year physical. Ever since Camden was about one I hated taking him to the doctor and he hated going because it was a struggle at times!! Last year was the first year he didn't throw a fit about having to go to the doctor and this year he was excellent. He let them do everything they had to do. We started going to the doctor here in Primghar and has grown to like his doctor. Today I told him that we are going to see Dr.Desai and he was going to check him over to see if he was able to turn 4. After everything was done Doc said everything was great! It was a sigh of relief for me again with his ears. He said there was no infection and no fluid....2 great signs that he may be outgrowing them!! He grew a couple inches and only gained 2 lbs....he is a very picky eater but doctor said he will go through a growth spurt so he is not worried! YAY Camden can turn 4!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Here are a few pics......

Jumping off the side into the pool....Cutty's
Ready to go swimming.....skinny boy!!

7 month belly....getting bigger!! This pic is alot closer up from the first couple pics I posted awhile ago.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Over already??

It doesn't feel like I have had the past 4 days off, it went by so fast! I guess most weekends tend to go fast. Now back to work tomorrow!
Friday Brad and I went to Spencer and did some shopping and went out for lunch. Camden went to daycare because I was doing some birthday shopping for him(I think I am almost done for his bday but I have to order just one more thing) After we got home we headed over to some friends to watch basketball and had supper with them. It ended up being a late night but we all had a good time!
Saturday late morning Mike, Anne and Tristyn came up for the day and grilled, watched basketball all afternoon and went out for supper that night. It was a long day but had a great time and the weather Saturday was absolutley beautiful on Saturday!!
Sunday afternoon we headed up to Cutty's. Camden was invited to his friend Traven's birthday party. We are friend's with Traven's parents and they asked if we could go along as extra hands while swimming. It was a great party and Camden had fun!! He is pretty tired after an afternoon of swimming.
It has been awhile since I have been up to Cutty's. We used to go there growing up since my grandparents had a membership there. It brought back alot of memories today being up there. If I would of known my grandparents were getting rid of their's a couple years ago we would have bought it from them. The last couple summers we have talked about it and I think we are going to buy a membership sometime. And with kids it is a fun place to go for a weekend! It would be nice to have that membership because we have alot of friend's that go up there and camp during the summer. I would not do the whole camping thing because I am not a camper! I would get a room or a cabin!!
Once we got home from Cutty's Brad took off for Onawa to stay at his buddies and then they will be heading to a school in Des Moines tomorrow and will be back late tomorrow night. That does not seem fun having to do all that driving!! By the looks of it outside I think we are going to be in for a good thunderstorm tonight!
Anyways I will post some pics later of our weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

7 months

Woohoo...tomorrow is the 28 week mark....7 months pregnant and already in the 3rd trimester, this pregnancy actually seems to be going pretty fast. I will get some belly pics maybe up here sometime when I get around to it. I swear I am getting bigger by the day!! June will be here before I know it! Lots to get done before then. Brad and I are heading to Spencer tomorrow to order the carpet for the nursery. Hopefully that will get installed sometime the first part of April. We are going to do some other shopping and get Camden's bday presents bought since he won't be along shopping with us tomorrow! It sounds like this weekend is going to be a busy weekend for us. I think the weather is supose to be decent so that is a plus. Anyways hope you all have a good weekend!:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here area couple recent pics!

Being goofy!
The kid loves baseball.....after he hits the ball he runs the bases and slides into home...his pants were full of mud when he was done. He says he has to slide like the boys do and that is just what you have to do in baseball.(he has to do everything the boys do!!)

Can you tell this dog is spoiled? He is attached to Brad!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Our weekend was pretty laid back and we didn't do a whole lot. Brad had to work all weekend so we didn't see him much. The weather was pretty decent so Camden got to spend alot of time outside riding his bike(which he is already outgrowing and I think he will be needing a bigger one), playing in sandbox, and overall playing with all his summer toys! He loves to be outside. He is starting to be able to play outside a little bit by himself. We have huge windows on the north side of our house and that is our backyard. So I am constantly watching him and checking on him. He is not out there for hours alone at a time. I usually go out and play with him for a little bit and then he does his own thing. He actually does really well and we have shown him his boundaries of where he can and can't go. So he had a fun weekend of being able to be outside finally!! Today's weather sounds great too...high 60's! Hopefully we will get outside this afternoon after I get home from work and get some yard work done.
Well that pretty much sums up our weekend. We don't have much going on this week so that will be nice!
One last thing, Camden is so excited for his St.Patricks Day party tomorrow. This year he has really gotten into the whole St.Patricks Day. He has been learning about it from preschool and daycare. He has actually learned the point behind this day and his favorite had been learning about Shamrocks and Leprechauns. He has brought home many crafts, books from the library and has been singing songs related to St. Patricks Day. I think he will have a good time at his preschool party tomorrow!!
Have a good week!:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wonderful Weather...NOT!!!!

Again we are getting more crappy weather! I thought maybe last weekend we might get lucky and be done with this ice and snow. This morning we woke up to very icy roads, sleeting, and now supose to get a couple inches of snow of top of the ice! Oh Joy!! School was cancelled again today. I think they will have alot of snow make up days at the end of the school year. Camden is so antsy to get outside and play with all his summer toys. We were able to do that last thursday and Friday with the temps reaching in the high 50's. He keeps asking "When is Spring coming mom?" I am pretty sure he is sick of this winter too! Hopefully it will be coming soon!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun Weekend

This weekend went by so fast but we had alot of fun. We headed to Sioux City for the weekend with another couple. It was supose to be us and 3 other couples but for 2 of them something came up. It's becoming a yearly thing that we all get away for the weekend and pick a different place each year. Last year we all went to the cities for Brad's 30th. Grandpa Paul came down early Saturday morning to pick up Camden for the night and we headed to Sioux City. My friend Anne and I enjoyed a whole day of shopping. I got alot of shopping done for the baby and got Camden a bunch of summer clothes. The guys pretty much did there own thing and enjoyed sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, watching sports and playing Golden Tee. They both I think are a little competitive especially when playing that game:) Later that night we had a nice supper and did some bowling. By the time bowling was over and with the time change it was one in the morning and we thought we better call it a night! It's not fun to lose a hour of sleep!!
Sunday morning we woke up to some pretty crappy weather. We got some breakfast and headed out and the roads were definetly not the greatest coming home. Overall it was a fun weekend with our friends and nice to get away!
This week has started and I think it's going to be a busy! I think every night we have something going on. Hope you all have a good week!:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doc Appointment

We had our monthly checkup on Monday. Everything was good except for the fact that I failed my glucose test. I was dreading that test the whole day because I had to drink that gross glucose drink and I had to get poked! I hate needles. It's not like they really hurt when I get my blood drawn, but it's just the fact of the needle. It's crazy because I see needles all the time during work! This test at least is just a finger poke but I am still not thrilled about that! Anyways the doc said alot of people can fail there first test and he wasn't too worried. I just barely failed the test but he wanted me to do the 3 hour glucose test. So yeah that means getting my blood drawn once an hour for 3 hours and having to drink the glucose. Oh joy I get to get poked 3 more times!! But other than that test everything was good for our checkup. I am doing pretty good, just a little tired and achey some days! I will be 26 weeks on Friday!
Well I am off work and I am going to go enjoy the nice weather we are having!:)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

Even though we didn't do much this weekend it went by SO fast! Brad had to work all weekend so it was just Camden and I. I am getting to the point where I feel like I have alot to do before this baby comes. I have made a list of everything I need to do or things I need to get before this baby comes. It's a long list! And it will probably take me weeks to get done:) I started tackling my list this weekend by starting to clean closets and dressers out. Once I get going I can't stop! I am also trying to figure out how I want to do the nursery for the baby. I spent some online time shopping for decor for the room. I am also looking for sports decor for Camden's room and deciding how I want his room done too. I don't think I will be redoing his room til after the baby is here but I am always looking for things in case I find a good sale. Camden and I went to Spencer and did a little shopping this weekend and also did some looking for the baby. Ok I know I told everyone that I did not know the sex of the baby but I actually really do. Brad and I decided we wanted to find out and also decided we were not going to tell anyone. The reason behind telling everyone we didn't find out was because we didn't want everyone bugging us to tell them what it is. We told everyone that the baby was too active to find out and the ultrasound lady was not definate on the sex. Sorry guys! We have gotten to the point where we don't care if people know we know but still will not be revealing the sex of the baby. The ultrasound tech gave us a 90% on the sex of the baby! So yes I am keeping all receipts just in case she was wrong!!! And we have picked out a boy and girl name just in case also...HA!! Oh yeah and Camden does not know what it is either.....one week he is saying he is having a sister and this week he says he is having a brother! We will have to see!!
So that we pretty much the weekend for us here! Hope everyone had a good weekend!