Friday, July 16, 2010


Wow summer is flying by and it's going to be over before we know it! This summer has been crazy busy for us. I was just looking at the calender and we do not have a free weekend until the end of August! Oh my! So here's what's been going on with the kiddos......
*Loves being outside during the summer riding his bike, swimming, playing with friends, etc.
*Played t-ball in June and loved it! He was so tiny compared to the other kids but he did great!
*Last week he enjoyed going to bible school, making crafts, singing songs, learning bible stories, and playing games.
*Next week he has swimming lessons. He hopefully will start learning more how to swim in the next couple years with lessons. He loves the water and can do the basic kicking your legs and moving your arms. He has been getting better with going under water as last year he didn't do it to much because I think something scared him!
*Very excited to start school in August. He asks daily when school is going to start. It's going to be a change for him but he will do great and I know he will love it! He is growing up way to fast and he is going to have one sad mommy the day I take him to his first day of school!

*This girl is on the go non-stop and never sits still!
*Cutting 4 molars right now so she has been on the crabby side.
*Learning so much at this age. It's amazing how kids at this age catch on to stuff so fast. If I tell her to pick up toys she runs to pick up a toy and put it in the toy box. Yes it's usually just one toy she picks up but at least she knows. When we are ready to leave the house and go somewhere and I tell her lets go bye-bye. She will go get her shoes, bring them to me, and sit down for me to put them on her. Usually she tries herself to put them on but can't figure that out yet! If I ask her to get a diaper she will go get me one or sometimes she brings me!!
*Words she is saying- Mom/mama, dada, hi, dat (that). You ask her what a fish says and she does it with her's so cute:)
*She can point to her eyes, mouth,and nose when we ask her where they are.
*LOVES the motorcycle. When Brad starts it in the garage she runs and starts pounding on the door and yelling "dada"
*She still is a chunky monkey and loves her food.
*Loves to throw food on the floor from her highchair when she is done eating..drives me crazy!
*She has an! Camden never was like this at this Maeci's age. She will let you know when she is mad. Throws herself on the floor yelling and then usually will try and hit you.
*She loves to play outside and to go swimming. Somedays I have to drag her in throwing a fit because she doesn't want to come in!

Brad and I are keeping busy with work, running the kids here and there, going to the boys bb games,etc! We are on the go constantly! Well gotta go...Maeci is officially done eating breakfast because she is throwing it on the floor...grrrr!!!