Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brett #61 Oz#4

Halloween Party

Last Saturday night our friends Rob and Wendy had a Halloween party for the kids. Brad had to work so the kids and I went out and had a great time. We had so much good food, fun, and great company from all our friends! I think the kids enjoyed it too. The biggest hit was the Pumpkin pinata full of candy..aka- Pure Sugar!!:) We also enjoyed watching the Hawks come away with a heart pounding win. Whew that was a close one. I think the house shook from everyone cheering and yelling after that play. All of the moms took the kids up to the Hospital scavenger hunt at the school that night also. Linda and the hospital did a great job of putting this together! There was different themes as you walked the halls and at each one the kids got candy. Some of the themes were: graveyards, people dressed up in scary masks/costumes, winnie the pooh and tigger, rodeo, jail, old mcdonald, rock-n-roll, etc. All the decorations were awesome and all the people that helped put it together did a wonderful job! What a fun night we had!! I posted some pictures on facebook of last weekend!

Monday, October 26, 2009


It was a good weekend for sports in the Stevens' household! Eagles won, Hawks won, Packers won, and the Vikings lost!!!!
I will blog more about our fun weekend once I get a chance!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's been awhile.....

I feel like I have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to blog. Here is what has been going on with the Stevens' family.......
**A couple weekends ago Brad and I went down to Iowa City to the Iowa/Michigan football game. We had a great time with all our friends and we have so many laughs from that weekend. It was so much fun!! The kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Stevens. It was my first time leaving Maeci and it was hard but I made it through the weekend. I still have a hard time leaving Camden and he is 4. The kids were great for Paul and Connie so that was nice!
**Last weekend Brad had the weekend off and it was a great weekend! Saturday Mike and Brad went to Bubba's to watch the Hawks come away with another win! Anne and I decided to stay at our house with the kids and watch the game. Later that night we took the kids uptown and had a nice supper. We love hanging out with Anne, Mike, and their kids! Sunday we didn't do a whole lot but lounge around the house and watched football. It was great to see the Packers get a W!! We were hoping the Vikings would lose but they seemed to also win by a missed field goal by the Ravens...darn it!! Oh well!!
**Today Brad took the kids back home to Armstrong to visit some family. Brad's great grandpa is leaving for the winter so he wanted to get a generation picture with Maeci before he left. They will be staying overnight and will be back in the morning. I had to work this morning and decided I was just going to stay here and relax! I have been busy cleaning and tonight I am doing absolutely nothing!! It's so much easier to get stuff done in the house when the kids are not here.
**The kids....
Maeci turned 4 months old on October 5th..hard to believe! I just had her in for her checkup and at 4 1/2 months she weighs 17lbs and is 26 inches. She sure is a chunk! Camden at 4 months old weighed 17lbs 7 ozs and 25 1/2 inches. So they were pretty comparable at that age. She is "talking" more and more each day. It's so fun to watch her laugh and smile! She loves her big brother and when he talks to her she is so full of smiles and giggles:) She has been sleeping through the night for about a month. She usually goes to bed around 8 and is up between 6 and 7. We had a couple days where she decided that she was going to be up for a couple hours during the night..usually around 3:30 am! That was not so much fun! She is playing with toys and loves to be on her tummy. When on her tummy she kicks her arms and legs like she wants to start crawling...especially when she can't reach a toy that is in front of her. She will be crawling before I know it..not sure I am ready for that! She still has been getting this darn stuffy/runny nose on and off. She is on a allergy medicine once a day and it seems to be helping a little but we need to give it a week or so to see if it is going to work. She started baby cereal about a month ago and loves it! We also just this week started her on some vegetables. She loves her food. I don't give her much of the vegetables yet and she gets so mad when I stop feeding her or when I am not fast enough getting the spoon to her mouth. She is totally different from her brother when it comes to baby food..he hated it and didn't eat much!
Camden is a busy little boy! Always talking and wanting to be on the go! He is enjoying school and going to WWW. (wild worship wednesday) The last couple weeks at WWW he has been learning about God rested on the 7th day and Jesus is the Messiah. Each week he comes home we talk to him about what he has learned and he will tell me about the bible story and explain his papers..I am glad he listens!!! At preschool this week he is learning about fire safety and he is so excited each day he comes home to tell me what to do in case there is a fire! So we practiced the stop, drop, and roll and taught him how to use the phone to call 911 if there is an emergency. He knows now to tell them his address, his name, his dads name, and what the emergency is.
He sure is getting excited for Halloween this year. We bought his costume about a month ago and it's killing him having to wait to go trick-or-treating. I keep telling him it will be here soon! To a 4 year old that should mean right now!!!
Well that pretty much sums up our life right now!! Have a good rest of the week and weekend!:)

Monday, October 5, 2009


Why do the weekends go so fast? It's already Monday..ugghhh!!!
Brad had a 4 day weekend so that was so nice that he was home with us!! Friday we had Maeci's peds appointment in Sioux City and she ended up having ear infection and they put her on some allergy medicine to see if that would help with her constant stuffy nose. After the appointment we went and did some shopping. Camden has outgrown most of his winter clothes from last year so I needed to get him some new ones! Also I didn't have much winter attire for Maeci so she as well needed some new clothes. After shopping and eating supper we headed home and by the time we got home, unloaded, we all were so tired and went to bed!!
Saturday we went to Mike and Anne's house to watch the Iowa game! GO HAWKS!! They came away with another win!! We spent most of the day there watching football and just hanging out.
Sunday we cleaned the house, got groceries, and watched some more football!
Tonight is the BIG game!! Packers and Vikings! I can't wait to watch the game!! Brad made some of his famous chili for the game so it's going to be a great night watching football!!! GO PACK!!!! Oh yeah I need to throw in a GO TWINS!!!!:) Have a good week!