Monday, February 22, 2010


ON TO STATE!! Congrats to the NSK girls basketball team on a great win tonight! We wish we could of been there to see it! Sounded like a pretty great game. From all the text messages I was receiving and the scores throughout the game it sounded like at one point we were down by 16 points! It just proves to never give up and fight hard 'til the end!!! The final score ended up being 62-56! We are very excited for Paul,Klocke, Dr.Tigges and the girls and can't wait to watch them at state next week! GO NSK!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It has been awhile....

We have been so busy I have not had time to post much on here. I am not sure how we were so busy because when we had plenty of snowstorms in January that made us stay home! I think too I was getting kind of bored with blogging too. Anyways here is what has been up with the Stevens'..........

Last week my baby girl turned 8 months old. I do not know where the past 8 months went.
She is crawling all over the place and getting into everything! It's only going to get worse when she starts walking. She is always full of smiles and loves to babble! She cut her first 2 teeth about 6 weeks ago and now I see the top 2 and possibly 2 more on the bottom coming through. That would explain her runny nose, rosey cheeks, and being a little cranky.
The beginning of January we had her follow up appointment with the GI specialist. We had her off her prevacid for about a month and she started refluxing again. The doc decided to put her back on it and things have been going pretty well again. If she has not grown out of this by 12-13 months then they will scope her in August. We already have the appointment set up for the scope but I am hoping she grows out of it and we can cancel!
We have had her into our family doc a few times because her nose continues to be stuffed up and she has trouble breathing(snoring) while sleeping. He said her tonsils are swollen and that could be causing her snoring. He also thought maybe her adenoids were enlarged too but they are harder to see. So we are going to be taking her to our pediatrician and see what is up with that and possibly have to been seen by the ENT doc. Gosh I am sick of doctors and sickness!! Hopefully it's no big deal and she gets better!

My "baby" boy is going to be turning 5 next month. He is so excited for his birthday and being 5 is a big deal to him because then he will get to go kindergarten! He goes back and forth about what we are going to be doing for his birthday. First it's Chuck E Cheese and a John Deere birthday then he is having friends over to our house and having a power rangers birthday, etc!!
So I guess we will have to wait and see what he decides on!
He is doing great in Preschool. He does very well in his school work and I can see that from his papers he brings home. His newest thing at home is adding numbers. He does pretty well at it! We are also starting to work on reading(the small words) and writing more words. He can write all of his alphabet capital and small letters so now he is more interested in writing more words other than his name.
He is getting very, very sick of the winter weather. Everyday we leave for daycare/preschool he tells me he is ready for Spring and Summer. This morning he told me he used to like snow but we have to much of it..HA! Boy is he right though!!
One last thing on Camden...He started wrestling a couple weeks ago and loves it! When he brought the papers home for wrestling Brad and I cringed because we are not fans of wrestling at all. He really wanted to do it and Brad and I are not going to pressure him into not doing something/or doing something. He wanted to try it out and we were fine with that. Some parents that won't let there kids do certain things or pressure them into something they don't want to do drives me crazy. Don't get me wrong we encourage the sports, but are not going to pressure him into it! I don't think I will have a problem because Camden LOVES sports!! ;)
Anyways he is doing great in wrestling and learning the basics. He has practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights and meets on the weekends. We have not attended a meet yet and I am not sure if we will do meets this year or start those next year if he is still interested in it!
Anyways I need to get going so I will continue this post later..........