Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So this morning I got up early to come to work because we had an early surgery. I was getting ready and remebered we can't wear rings when working in surgery or we just have to put tape over them. I got my 2 rings off of my right hand but OMG I can't get my wedding ring off. I have tried lotion, windex, ice, etc. I noticed my fingers swelling a little with fluid but figured I could still get my rings off since they were not that bad. Well I guessed wrong! I have tugged at it all morning and it's really swollen now with all the pulling I have done. I am freaking out because if I can't get them off and my fingers swell and get bad I will have to get the ring cut off!!!! AAHHHHH! So any if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

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Brooke Stevens said...

Oh my gosh.....Thank goodness....I actually got my ring off. I ended up leaving my hand in cold ice water FOREVER and I think my hand was frozen!! But some of the swelling did go down. Then I went to the kitchen at work and had them pour some oil on it and I twisted and pulled and was swearing up a storm and it finally came off. The thing is my fingers are not really that badley swollen just a little and enough so I could not get my ring off! Thank goodness I got it off though!