Thursday, January 20, 2011

So I am just a little annoyed and going to vent just a little.......
This morning I was on my way to work and I could see flashing cop lights about a mile up the road. As I got closer I realized a deputy had someone pulled over on the opposite side of the road. Of course I slowed down as I was getting closer because I could see 2-3 cars coming toward me. I didn't think I would have to come to almost a complete stop since I was on the opposite side of the cars and the deputy, etc. The truck (coming toward me) that was the first in line did NOT SLOW down a bit and maybe moved over 5 inches as he passed the deputy. I ended up coming to an almost complete stop thinking I would just stop so the truck could come into my lane a little to pass the deputy/stopped vehicle! Oh no he did not and probably didn't even take off his cruise control. Being a cops wife that stuff freaks me out....that deputy could easily get hit by someone that is careless and not slowing down. I know this is probably on the bottom of my list of stuff that freaks me out being a cops wife....cuz I know there is alot worse things that these deputies/officers deal with! I have seen on cop shows before where an officer gets hit because of careless drivers! Maybe I freaked out a little much on the whole thing this morning but that deputy was my husband! Even if it wasn't my husband I still would of been annoyed with the whole thing.
Also, once last thing and then I will be done.
People PULL OVER for an Ambulance with flashing lights! It doesn't matter what side of the road you are on....slow down and get over! Had an experience with that a couple weeks ago. Not going to get into the story but you get my point!
Ok I am done....sorry if that annoyed you but I had to vent!
Have a good day!

Monday, January 17, 2011


I am soooooo sick of winter! Today I drove to work on icy roads and it sucked! I am thinking maybe I should of waited a couple hours before I came in. I don't mind having a drive to work but when the weather is crappy I don't care for it. Camden had 2 days last week off of school due to the foot of snow we received.....I guess I had two days off too! Last night there was sleet and the wind was blowing...once again 2 hour late start for the school kids today. I think they will have school but who knows! Oh how I want some warm weather right now. If I wouldn't of just started this job I would be flying somewhere warm right now for a vacation!! I am thinking SPRING right now!!!

This is a conversation Camden and I had yesterday driving to Sheldon...(it fits in with the warm weather/crappy winter)

Camden(as many birds were flying right at my windshield)- Mom, ya know some birds fly south to have warm weather since it's so cold here.
Me-Yep Cam you are right. Maybe we should fly south to have warm weather?
Camden-Well then why don't we?....I like the snow for awhile but I am ready for summer.
Me-Me too....It would be nice to go somewhere warm right now!
Camden-(thinking about it) But mom we can't fly south we don't have wings.....(he is laughing)
Me-Very true Camden....A plane has wings and we can go that way! lol

He is so funny somedays! He is getting sick of the snow and cold too. He loves the snow for a couple months and usually about this time he is wanting it to be summer!