Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boring Weekend....

This weekend for us consisted of laying around the house and watching football. Brad had to work overnights all weekend so Cam and I didn't do alot. Yesterday morning we started getting some more of the lovely winter weather consisting of freezing rain. Brad and I had a funeral to go to yesterday afternoon and it was pretty icy out. (Our thoughts and prayers are with the Tom Raymond family with the lose of his father.) Today I got up and was getting ready for church and Camden also was supose to have his Sunday school church program during service today and I got a phone call that it was cancelled again due to weather. Which was probably a good thing because some of the kids would have to drive from out of town and it was pretty icy this morning. The rest of the day has consisted of watching football and doing laundry. We are hoping the Vikings get beat today! GO EAGLES!!! Well hope everyone has a good week as it's back to work!

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