Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is having a good Thanksgiving! Today we went with Brad's real estate boss, Carol and Dave to church for dinner! It was really nice and the food was GREAT!!! I have been busy all afternoon packing and getting things together for our trip to Green Bay tomorrow. I am tired from all the packing! Camden is very excited as this is his first trip to Lambeau Field. He can't decide if he wants a Donald Driver or AJ Hawk jersey! He is going to have so much fun up there because there is alot to do for kids!
Brandi and the boys are coming down to visit tonight and then they will leave to go back to Swea City tomorrow when we leave. Camden is so excited to see his Auntie Brandi and of course his uncles.
Well thanksgiving is pretty much over and Christmas is just under 4 weeks will be here before we know it!
Have a good weekend!

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Truck

Brad has been wanting an older style Ford F150 truck ever since we traded his last truck off for the durango! Yeah it killed him to trade his last truck considering it was only a year or two old! Well today he finally found one. It's crazy we were just talking at my dad's a couple weekends ago that it is so nice to have the Durango and my Taurus paid off. The many months we have had of not having a car payment has been SOOOO nice! We told ourselves we were going to drive the Durango and the Taurus at least until the end of next year! He is always looking for trucks but says he is going to wait to buy one. Well that changed today. Brad is driving home a truck he bought in Omaha! It's a 2001 Ford F150 with 36, 000 miles. I have not seen the truck yet besides pictures but he said it's nice for a 2001 and there are some cosmetic flaws but I guess you have to expect that for being a 2001. He couldn't pass up the deal with it only having 36,000 miles and got them to come down on the price! It's hard to find a 2001 with that low of mileage. We are keeping the durango for me because that is in pretty good shape and has around 75, 000 miles on it. It actually has been a very good vehicle for us, I don't think we have ever had anything go wrong with it!(knock on wood) It was time for my car to go because it had 130, 000 so we ended up selling that to one of Brad's buddies! The picture I posted is a internet picture from the dealers website.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is Camden saying "what are we going to do with all this stuff?" Well this is not even half of the christmas stuff. Every year I swear I end up with more stuff! We put up the christmas tree today and it's a white tree and once we got it up we noticed it had a yellowish/brownish tint to it! So I guess I am going to have to go out and buy a new tree. I really like white trees but I don't want it to turn colors each year that I buy one. I am also thinking maybe a real tree???? Who knows what I will do!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Hawks!

Hawks are pretty much kicking some a** agaisnt Minnesota! The game is still not over but pretty sure the Hawks are going to win this one! The Floyd of Rosedale trophy will stay in Iowa City this year! I am hoping to get to see cousin Tony get in on some plays as QB! Dad was saying it was senior night and we are all hoping to see him get a chance to get in.
We started getting christmas stuff down and put out. Wow I did not realize how much stuff I have to put out. It took me awhile to put all the decorations out and that is not including putting the tree up and decorating it! The tree will wait til tomorrow! We are not doing much this weekend....Brad has to work all weekend so Cam and I are just hanging out at home. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Old?

I think I am getting old! Today I went to Sioux City with my good friend Anne for her doctor appointment. She is 34 weeks pregnant and we both doctor at the same office in Sioux City. I thought I would just go along with her and go to her appointment then we could go out for lunch and do some shopping since we have not been able to do alot lately with our busy schedules! We were done at the doctor by 10:00 and we shopped a little afterwards then around 12ish we decided to grap something to eat. Let me tell a couple of hours of shopping for us and we were ready to go home because one I was actually really not in the mood to shop for much and I was EXHAUSTED!!! Well it ended up after lunch we shopped for another 3 hours and then headed home. We were both so tired! So maybe it's just because we are pregnant and not because we are old. I remember my younger days of being able to shop all day for hours! Well thats not the case anymore. Maybe it was because it was cold, windy, and crappy all day! Or maybe it's just because I am getting older:( On a good note it was a fun day even though I am tired. I got some more christmas shopping done and of course shopping for myself!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun weekend in Swea City...

Riding with Papa while hunting.....They were waiting for Brad, Oz, and Brett to get back from walking Gpa Beadle's field.
The gross part of getting a pheasant was cleaning them.....they smelled SOOOO bad!

Camden, Brad, Brett, Ozzie, Shooter, and Rusty

Again minus Camden

This weekend was a fun, busy weekend. Friday we headed out and got to my dad's around noon. The boy's, dad, and Brad went hunting right away. Dad of course asked Cam if he wanted to go so he rode along with dad in the truck while the boys and Brad hunted. They got out and were able to walk a little but not to much, they pretty much just watched from the truck. I of course just layed around at dads and took a nap. Later on I met the guys at Gma and Gpa Beadle's. They had a pretty good afternoon shooting 6 pheasants. Later that night we went to Paul and Connie's and had supper with them and visited. We were all pretty tired that night so we headed to bed somewhat early. Saturday morning we got up and to my suprise Brett had made bacon and eggs...and yep it was really good, I didn't know he could cook! So after breakfast the guys headed out to do some more hunting and Camden had to stay with me since Dad was going to hunt and walk with the boys and Brad. Yeah he was not happy about that! Later morning Camden and I headed to Beadle's to meet the guys for dinner and as of noon that day they had not even fired a shot at anything. The only thing they saw were a couple of hens. Camden and I decided to go out in the afternoon with them and the luck they were having that morning did not change. They did not see anything in the afternoon. So Saturday they ended up with no pheasants. Dad said there is still so much corn in the field that the pheasants are in the corn. I talked Oz, Brett, and Brad into going to Fairmont late afternoon to do some shopping. I ended up getting some more christmas presents bought. I am hoping to be near done by the first of December. I am doing alot better than last year. Later Saturday night Buzz, Tab, and Cassie came to dad's and it was so fun. It was like old times sitting around the table talking. We were missing Brandi though but Ozzie made sure to tell her we were missing her:)
Sunday morning the boys and Brad were up by 6 and went to Eagle Lake duck hunting with Buzz. What a better way to end the weekend......Sunday dinner at Gma and Gpa Beadle's. I was spoiled this weekend and got Gma's dinner twice this weekend and Sunday she made my favorite mashed potatoes and gravy...YUM!!!! It's crazy how it's almost Thanksgiving. I am not sure what we are doing for Thanksgiving. Brad has to work and the Friday after we are heading to Green Bay for 4 days so I am not sure if Cam and I will go home or not. Well hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Hey, hope everyone has a good weekend! We are heading back to Swea so Brad can go hunting today and tomorrow with my dad and brothers! My brothers said they were going to show him how it was done up there....ha!! They are pretty good hunters though! I am sure Brad will learn a thing or two from them. I am sure he will have a good time. Brad went hunting earlier this week with some of his buddies down here and shot his first duck! Yeah he was excited about that! I think Camden and I are going to relax all weekend and maybe go and do some more christmas shopping. Camden thinks he is going out hunting too so he is not going to be to thrilled when he doesn't get to go. I am sure his Papa will take him out for a bit sometime this weekend!
I have to finish working so I can get out of here early to head home.....So have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

School Pictures

Here is Camden's school picture. I was to lazy to hook up the scanner and scan the picture so I just took a picture of the picture..ha! After I took a picture of his photo it altered the color and became a little blurry but the pictures actually turned out really good!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a crappy morning....

Ugh more bad weather. I will have to say this winter stuff has officially arrived! I had a meeting last night for Jaycees and after the meeting we walked out about 10:00 and it was glare ice! This morning was the same but worse with snow on top of the ice. Camden has a 2 hour late start and I am guessing they will probably cancel school. Well back to work. I am thinking it's going to be either a slow or crazy day at work with this weather! Have a good day!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Here are a couple pics of Camden's preschool program at church this morning. I am not sure why they turned out kinda blurry! He is the one on the end in the striped shirt. He did very well and did all the actions along with the songs.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I just want to play outside....

Well we woke up Friday morning to snow on the ground! All I could think of is I am so not ready for this weather! I had to go into work friday morning so I had to wake Camden up at 7:30 and he walked into the living room and saw the snow outside and he got SO excited! He didn't want breakfast or go to daycare, he just wanted to go outside and play in the snow! I told him it was way to early but he was determined he was going outside. I was finishing getting ready and he put his shoes and coat on and told me he was going outside to play and he was still in his pajamas! Last year he wasn't this excited about the snow, but this year I have a feeling he is going to want to go out all the time. I promised him last night that when we woke up this morning we would go outside. Well he didn't forget it, that was the first thing he asked me! I was hoping we could wait til this afternoon hoping it would warm up a bit but he wasn't going to wait. It was so cold out at 10:00 this morning but he had fun sledding, eating icicles and throwing snowballs at mom:)
Tomorrow Camden is singing in church with his preschool and afterwards the preschool is having a chili funraiser. It will be a perfect day for chili! Well hope you all are staying warm and having a good weekend!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Wow I did not expect the outcome of the FB game tonight! Got to give alot of credit to AR as they came out and played a great game and wow Ridge Christianson impressed me tonight and all season. He is by far AR's best player. He is such an all around player! No excuses for NSK but we did not play like we have played all year and our offense and defense was horrible! I figured a close game but the score should not of been that bad! Congrats to the NSK eagles on a great season they had, only losing one game is something to be proud about and they had many accomplishments this season! I am also very, very proud of my brothers this season. They did very well and watch out they will be back next year!:)
Gosh did I also mention it was FREEZING tonight. We have had such decent weather for the whole season! It was snowing, sleeting, and very windy and VERY COLD!!! I hate this weather! I am ready for spring/summer to be here already but I have a ways to go!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Today was our first official appointment with our doctor. The doc said everything was looking good! We had an ultrsound today and got to see the heartbeat and see how big the baby was...a whole 1.87 cm long! I have to continue to give myself progesterone for another 3 weeks and then I am done...thank goodness! When we got home I showed Camden the ultrasound pics and he thought it was so cool that they took pics of the baby. I think he is starting to get a little more excited about it from when the first time we told him. He was so not thrilled when we first told him he folded his arms and said "why?" Needless to say he wasn't to thrilled then, but has gotten better! He is going to go to the next ultrasound we have once I am 16 weeks along. Jeri sent me a text today and asked how many babies were in there? Yep there is just one...thank goodness! Jer also said her and Steve were on their way to Cherokee to stay with Jolleen and then off to Kansas to go hunting. Jeri didn't realize she would go through Primghar on there way so I got a phone call saying they were at ProGo and they were going to stop by! We had a nice little visit and then they were on there way to Cherokee! It was nice of them to stop by since they were going through. I kept telling them my house is usually not this messy!! It's been a busy week and haven't had time to do alot of cleaning!! Camden keeps telling me he wants them to come back to his house!
Brad and I also did some christmas shopping today while we were in Sioux City. I got Camden completely done and got a few other ones done. I have to say this year I am doing alot better with getting it done earlier instead of waiting til the last minute!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eagles Win!

Last night I traveled back to Fenton to watch the eagles. They came away with another win,
40-13! Ozzie did not end up playing because of his ankle. He was taped up and ready to go if they needed him. Probably a good thing he didn't play so he could have a few more days rest for the big game agaisnt AR this friday! I believe the game is going to be at Armstrong! So Friday we will be on another road trip home and hopefully they come away with a win so we can road trip to the dome:) Well time to get Cam ready for preschool then off to work! Have a good day!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Iowa vs. Iowa State
So cute!

Helping Shelly hand out candy at her house!

The weekend started off with trick or treating with Camden on Friday night! We decided this year we were going to dress up with Camden. We went pretty simple, I just wore my work scrubs and I got brad some surgeon scrubs from work so he went as a surgeon. Well I said he was a surgeon but according to Brad and Aunt Jeri he should of specialized in a different Medical specialty! I am sure you can about imagine what they are talking about!;) We had a good time going around with Cam and he got lots of candy and could of done that all night but we had to get home to company coming! Our friends Anne and Mike came up for awhile that night to help me celebrate my birthday. Kim, Troy, and Drew arrived later that night for the weekend. What a long night! I am getting really old because we did not go to bed til 2 and I thought I was going to die!! But it was fun! Saturday everyone pretty much layed around all day, watched football and drank!! Kim, Anne, and I went shopping in the afternoon while the men stayed home with the kids! Camden had a fun weekend with everyone, especially Drew! Drew is so stinkin cute and such a good little boy!! You are lucky kim! The weekend came to an end and the Sigwarth's had to head home today! Camden is already asking when they are coming back! Thanks guys for a fun weekend!
PS-I hope Troy you are reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camden and I are heading to Swea tomorrow to the football game! Oz doesn't know if he will be able to play or not. I guess his ankle is worse than it was last time. I am sure if he gets the option to play or not I am guessing he will be playing! Hopefully they come away with a win!!!