Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Friday night Camden and I traveled to Ruthven to watch the boys play football. They both played very well and won the game 54-3. I love watching them play sports and I only have the rest of this year watching Oz and 2 more years of watching Brett. :( It's hard to believe they will soon be graduating!!
After the game dad and Oz came to our house to spend the night so they could get up bright and early to travel to Omaha so Oz could attend a Creighton baseball recruitment camp! Brad went along with them and they were out the door by 5AM Saturday morning. It sounded like it was a pretty intense camp and Oz said he learned a few things. They had about 80 baseball players attend the camp and 7 of them were from Iowa. It was a great opportunity for Oz to be invited to this camp and I am glad he was able to attend.
The kids and I did nothing all weekend. We lounged around and watched movies! It was kind of nice to do not a thing!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well I haven't had alot to blog about lately because we haven't been doing a whole lot around here! We have been staying home because both kids are still getting over there colds. I was planning on going to the Spencer fair sometime this week/weekend but I am not sure if we will make it there or not. Tomorrow night Camden and I are going to the Oz and Brett's football game in Ruthven. I am excited because it will be the first football game I have been to so far this year! I have heard they have been playing pretty good! After the game dad and Oz will be coming to stay at our house overnight. Early Saturday morning dad, Oz, and Brad are heading to Omaha for Oz to attend Creighton baseball recruitment camp. A couple weeks ago he got a letter for him at the school about them interested in him attending this camp. What a great opportunity for him to do this! I am sure he will learn alot from this camp.
The kids and I are just hanging out at home this weekend and maybe make it to the Spencer fair! Well that's about all that has been going on lately around here! Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Maeci is still battling this cold and can't seem to get over it. We took her to our family doctor here in town yesterday and he said she is still pretty congested so we will be trying out a stronger antibiotic. If she is not better by next week he is recommending we take her to her Peds doc in Sioux City to have them check it out. Reflux babies tend to get chronic colds there first year of life and I have a feeling that is what we are dealing with. Doc said when they reflux it can go up into there sinuses and even into there lungs causing upper respiratory problems. And since her reflux doesn't come up it just goes back down that could be the problem. I remember Camden's first year he was sick all the time with colds. I guess most babies are since there immune system is not built up yet. This cold could just be the normal cold and she has a harder time getting over it. I think to it's because she just started daycare and about the time she started she got a cold.(Imagine that) I have heard alot of daycare moms complain that there child is sick right now with a cold so I know it's going around daycare! I am just hoping she gets over this fast!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today was Camden's first day of 4 year old preschool. He sure has been excited and ready to start back up with preschool. He told me last night he didn't think he would sleep very good because he was so excited to go to preschool and see his friends! This morning when I woke him up he had a good luck at school card waiting for him from his dad.He was pretty excited about that. Brad had to work all night so he was sleeping when we were getting ready for the day. I took him to daycare and all the preschool kids ran up to Camden and they were all jumping up and down that they were going to preschool...too cute!:) Sounds like he had a good first day and is already to go back tomorrow!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Family Picture...We have not had a family picture since Maeci has been born.(I guess we have but it's one of me in the hospital after I had her and I looked doped up) Camden needed to make a train car with a family picture in it for his first day of preschool tomorrow. He is so excited to tell about his family!!
So sweet! Give it a couple years and they will be fighting!!

Camden and Trevor playing at Sutherland park

Bounce House

Camden and Mikayla waiting for the parade to start...nice smile Cam!

This weekend was just the kids and I home. Brad left for the Iowa game Friday afternoon with Michael and Bubba in the RV. Sounds like they had a good time and the Hawks came with a win...ok barely but it was a W! The kids and I didn't do much but lounge around the house and I got caught up on all my house cleaning. Maeci is still battling this nasty cold and is having a hard time getting over it. I think if it's not better in a couple days we will be taking her back to the doctor. Just as she was sleeping 8+ straight hours at night she gets sick and wants to be up every 3-4 hours now. I can't blame her though when she is not feeling good. Of course she has been at daycare for a month and she has already came down with something. Sounds like alot of kids at daycare have had colds/flu in the past couple weeks. This weather sure doesn't help either!! Hopefully she can get over it and get back to herself. Even being sick she still has lots of smiles for us!! :)
Today I took Camden down to the Sutherland Labor Day celebration. We enjoyed the parade and playing in the park with some of our friends and there kids. We are all pretty tired after the weekend and now it's back to the work week...oh joy! Hope everyone has a good week!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Camden is finally home!! My dad has been wanting to take him for a weekend this summer and this past weekend seemed to work out the best. I dropped him off Saturday morning with my dad and Brad met my dad this morning in Spirit Lake to pick him up. It was a nice break but boy did I miss him! It was to quiet around here! Everytime Brad usually comes home from work Camden always meets him at the door and it was a little different him not being here and doing that! Sounds like he had a good time with his Papa, the boys and visiting the rest of the family! Grandpa bought him a sling shot so they went up to the lake and shot bullets and I guess he really enjoyed that..typical boy!!!The spent alot of time playing outside and messing around in the machine shed. He also got to spend some time playing with Cassie which is always fun for them. The couple times I talked to him he was playing video games with the boys or trying to get the boys to let him play:) I got home from work today and he was constantly talking about all the fun things he got to do. Dad said he was always on the go and went from one thing to the next. I am glad he was able to do this and spend time with my family!!