Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wishing Anne and Mike the best tomorrow as baby Wright should be arriving....YAY!!!!!!!:)
Happy Birthday Dad!!!:)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Aunt Jo.....she is hilarious!!!:) I got some videos of her dancing around to the Christmas music but I know she reads this and I am sure she would probably kill me if I posted them on here:)
Do you see the red ball looking thing in Brett's left arm? It's kind of used for a hot potato game. Instead of just losing when the potato is still in your hand, with this ball you get a shock and I guess it don't feel to good! I never touched it because I was a chicken. The boys, Brandi, Buzz, and dad played it and it was hilarious when someone would get shocked! I got some pretty funny videos of them playing!

Presents at Gma and Gpa Beadle's

Gma and Gpa Beadle

The fam minus Brad

Camden and Cassie

Camden and T

Opening Santa presents with Brandi at dad's

Yes, I finally got a video game!!! Santa came to Camden's house

Opening Santa presents

The weekend is coming to end and back to work tomorrow....thank goodness I only usually work til noon! I have finally gotten the house organized and all the Christmas stuff pretty much put away. Friday we ran to Spencer to see if we could get any after Christmas sales and I found a few things but of course people were crazy and I was annoyed...imagine that! Saturday afternoon Brad's parents came down and we had our Christmas together. Camden was thrilled as he once again was spoiled rotten! That night we all went uptown for Prime Rib...YUM!!! We were all very tired by the time we got home and Paul and Connie headed home after we had supper. We have one more Christmas in a couple weeks with my mom. Sunday late morning we decided to go to Sioux City to do some shopping and exchange a few presents. Once again I should of known better that there was going to be 10 million people shopping today! Luckily I was trying to be patient with people and I made it through the day without yelling and saying anything to anybody! The one nice thing about today was that is was a beautiful day! We shopped all afternoon and I am exhausted and ready to head to bed! Well that pretty much sums up our weekend. This week we will be celebrating a new year. It is hard to believe that this year is coming to an end and we will be starting 2009!

I posted some pics of Christmas last week. I took tons of pics but I just posted a few. I still need to download the ones from this weekend.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

It's actually hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone! Camden and I survived all the running around and it went alot better than I expected. He was pretty excited for Christmas this year. We were on our way back home and he kept looking out the window and all of sudden he said "I think I just saw Santa's sleigh." I kinda of just chuckled to myself. We started off by attending my mom's wedding Christmas Eve late morning. We hung out with her for awhile afterwards and then it was off to Papa's house. It ended up all of us siblings were there and we just hung out all afternoon and layed around. For supper that night we headed to Stac's for the Angle part of Christmas. Since Stac and Mike have redone the station and have a nice area we had our Christmas up there after the store closed. Before we sat down for supper Santa Clause arrived. Camden was not to thrilled with him and would not sit on his lap but after awhile he was used to him and was telling him everything he wanted for Christmas. I of course forgot my camera that night but Stac got a couple pictures of him and I with Santa. After we got done there us kids headed back to dad's to have Christmas with him. We pretty much opened presents, sat around for awhile, watched a movie, and then it was time for bed. Christmas Day morning we got up and Camden was excited that Santa had also stopped at Papa's house. Then it was off to the Beadle side Christmas for dinner. I can tell you there is never a dull moment in the Beadle household. We had alot of fun opening presents, listening to Christmas music, eating, and talking about old times! Going to the Beadle side is always a goodtime! Camden had a blast playing with Cassie and the Roman girls. I think after awhile Taylor was sick of them always asking her to play! By the time it was time for us to head out and drive back to Primghar the weather was getting kind of crappy but the roads were good enough to get home. Camden was getting so tired and crabby by the time we were getting ready to leave. He really did play hard and was running around constantly. When I was putting him in the car to leave he started crying and I asked him what was wrong and he said "I just want to go home because I miss my daddy." (yes we missed daddy alot!) I don't think I was even 5 miles down the road and he was passed out sleeping in the car and he never takes naps anymore but he was so tired so he slept the whole way home. Before we left to go back home for Christmas we left cookies, milk, and a letter to Santa. When we got home that night Camden's eyes were huge when he saw that Santa drank the milk and ate the cookies;) So we had our family christmas here that night and Camden again had some more Santa presents. I don't think Camden needs anymore toys for another couple of years! He got way to spoiled this year! We had a great Christmas being with family back in Swea but it was very nice to get home and be with Brad and have our Christmas. Christmas is actually not over for us yet. Tomorrow Brad's parents are coming down to do our Christmas and then in a couple weeks we are doing Christmas with my mom down at my house. I hope everyone had a good christmas! I will be posting some pictures and videos from Christmas sometime in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday to Brooke on Christmas Day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well we are finishing up packing and getting ready to head back to Swea City for Christmas. I swear this christmas holiday gets crazier by the day and it's not even Christmas yet! When you are expected to be at 5 different places between Christmas Eve and day it gets a little stressful. Everyone expects to see you when they are having Christmas and I feel like I try to get everywhere but that's not going to happen this year. It's even worse that Brad won't be home for Christmas at all with us this year but we are having our Christmas back here when Brad gets off at 6 Christmas day night! I am excited for next year when we start our own family traditions here. It's time we start this as Camden gets older and another one on the way. Well I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Buzz!!!!!

Boring, Boring, Boring

View from our backyard of the snowy weather!
Playing in the snow!

Gosh this weekend was one of those weekends when I wanted to leave the house and go do something but the weather of course stopped that. Friday afternoon after the roads cleared up Camden and I were able to run to Spencer to do a little shopping and hit JcPenny's big sale:) Yeah I love to shop! Saturday morning we woke up and it was snowing yet again and probably got another 3 inches of snow and then the wind came up and that is why we have been in a blizzard warning all weekend. The temps are FREEZING here. Brad has had to work all weekend and he has been overly busy with the weather. Crappy weather=dumb drivers that think they can go out in a blizzard=an accident or going in ditch! Brad ended up having to get the SUV out and drive around because his squad car was not doing so good since the plows had not been out in town. Camden managed to get outside yesterday late morning to play before the winds came up so he was happy to get out for awhile. Otherwise we have been playing games, watching Christmas movies, and I am sure we have played go fish at least 50 times:) Camden is hoping to have preschool tomorrow so he can have his christmas party. Tonight Camden was supose to have his Sunday school program but of course that had to get cancelled too! Well I hope you all are staying warm! I think we are going to spend the day baking!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1 week from today....

Holy cow in one week Christmas will be here! I can't believe it. This year has gone so fast and now it's almost 2009. Christmas I think is going to be a little crazy this year. I found out that I have two places to be on christmas day dinner...oh joy! This happened last year to when I had to be two places on Christmas Eve. Oh well we will just do opposite of last year and go one place for dinner and then the next after dinner. Then on top of that do the other Christmases we have to do. I love being with family but it also gets stressful running constantly in two days that we are home. This year it's just going to be me and Cam because Brad is working. Brad and I were talking today that we want to start making our own traditions and one of those traditions for next year is going to be waking up here at our home on Christmas morning and doing the whole Santa thing here and have our own Christmas and then head home later on Christmas Day! Camden is going to have Santa presents back at my dad's and some here when we get home later Christmas night to do with Brad for our Christmas. Camden has asked me everyday if Santa is coming and if it's Christmas time yet....yep he's getting impatient! He is ready to leave Santa his Christmas cookies and get some presents! He asked me if Santa was going to come into his room when he dropped off the presents because that would scare him. He is so funny some days:) He told me yesterday that when it's christmas time it's Jesus's birthday too! So I think to a certain extent he knows kind of what Christmas is about. I am sure he learned that at Sunday school or preschool and he doesn't forget things!
On a different note.....
Yes I am ok. You tell one person and then it gets around. Monday night I wiped it on the ice letting the dog out. I didn't think I hit my back to hard because I put my hand down to catch myself. Well Tuesday morning I woke up and my side and lower back hurt like hell! I went to the chiropractor that morning for an adjustment and it seemed to help a little. Yesterday I woke up and started having slight pain in my stomach and my lower back and tail bone felt like there was a knife going through it. So of course I called the doctor and he had me go home from work and lay on the couch all day...boring! Then this morning we headed to Sioux City to make sure everything was ok with the baby. Camden went with us for the first time today and he thought for sure the baby was "coming out" today. He sure got excited and his eyes got huge when he got to hear the heartbeat. He is excited to be a big brother! Everything turned out fine and the baby is fine. Doctor said get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Yea I was a little worried but it was a sigh of relief today just going to check things out. We go back in 2 weeks for another appointment. Well I am off to the couch to do what the doctor says!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I wanted a white christmas but NOT this much snow! I am so sick of snow and this cold weather and it's only December! The weather hit us again yesterday afternoon. I didn't go into work yesterday til noon because we had surgery in the afternoon. When I got to work it was snowing but mainly just flurries. When we got out of surgery and I left around 5:30 I about died when I walked outside and saw all the snow. Brad said we had about 6 inches. Well the lovely weather is supose to hit us again tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon they are talking another 6 inches of snow and freezing rain...oh joy! I am glad it's not going to start until the afternoon because we have to be in Sioux City tomorrow morning. Well hope you all are staying warm and be safe with all this weather!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brrr, it's cold outside!

He put tons of candy on it!

Eating the candy and frosting

The weather went from 40 degrees on Saturday to 2 degrees today! The weather said for Primghar right now is -1 but feels like -28. The winds are gusting terribly at 30-40 mph and the snow is coming down and I don't think it would be fun to be out on the roads about now. Actually the O'brien county sheriffs office just came over the t.v. and is recommending no travel in O'Brien county with visibilities of O. The visibility in town is reduced so I am sure the country is terrible! Tonight wind chills are supose to be -25 and that is fricking COLD!!!! Well now that I gave you the weather report onto our weekend. Friday we went to a friend of ours christmas party. It was lots of fun seeing people I have not seen for awhile and there were lots of people I did not even know. I bet there was 50+ people there! I thought we had alot of people when we had 35 people in our house for a party last year. It was fun way to spend a Friday night. Saturday Camden had to go color christmas pictures with other Jaycee kids to put in envelopes along with a christmas gift to go around and hand out to some elderly, people that are sick or have trouble getting out in Primghar. He enjoyed going to people's houses and giving the gifts to them! It was a great idea for Jaycee's to do this and I know the people that receive it appreciate it also. Saturday afternoon I went with a few other Jaycee girls to go shopping for our adopt a families. It was fun with the girls and also knowing we were doing something good for other families.
Sunday after dinner we braved the cold and went to Spencer to get groceries and do some shopping. After we got home Camden and I made our gingerbread house that he has been impatiently waiting to do. He had fun and had enough sugar from all the candy and frosting he ate! Brad made some chili that was delicious for supper since we are having such cold weather!
Well that's about all our weekend consisted of. Hope you all had a good weekend and now it's back to another work week.
Oh yeah, the packers lose again today! My husband has not been a happy camper lately with them losing alot lately! They were doing pretty good at the beginning of the season but the end of the season has not been so great!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Concert

Camden(bottom row)
Camden and Sami(one of his girlfriends)

So grown up

Camden introducing himself to the audience.

Tonight Camden had his christmas concert for Preschool. He was all dressed up and looked so grown up! In the middle of the concert they dressed up as cows, shepards, and angels. The concert was so cute and he did so good!

This is a partial clip from the concert....I can't figure out how to flip it clockwise so it's the right way. Where I download pics and videos I can flip the photos but it won't let me do the videos. It's making me mad. I will have to have Brad figure it out! Camden is in the front row.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Day! chocolate and marshmellows
Tackling in the snow
The ice and snow we got yesterday and through the night resulted in no school for Camden today. Camden loves school but was pretty excited he got to go to daycare all morning. He doesn't go to daycare much but when he does he loves to be there with all the other kids. We got enough snow for Brad to get the snow blower out for the first time this winter. After lunch dad and Cam went outside to enjoy the snow. We have only had one other time when we had a measurable amount of snow to actually play in. They had a snowball fight and of course Camden won. He was a little bummed because he wanted to make a snowman but the snow was to fine to stick together. After playing for awhile it was time to come in and have some hot chocolate and marshmellows. His favorite is dipping the marshmellows in the hot chocolate.

I also got the idea today to make gingerbread houses. So I think we are going to attempt to make them this weekend! They can't be that difficult! I am going to use the easy recipe and use graham crackers, icing, candies, etc. Some recipes I have read are crazy and way to much for just a 3 year doing it. Not much else going on this week besides Camden's preschool program tomorrow night. He is excited for us to come watch him!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Cassie, Camden, and Stac....nice face Camden!

Brett and his cake.He probably will kill me for posting this picture.
Tab, Cassie, and Camden....I am so glad Camden gets a haircut this week....he is in need of one.

Oz and Buzz...of course they wouldn't look at the camera....Buzz probably was teasing the kids.
Camden and I headed back to Swea on Friday afternoon to celebrate and have supper for Buzz's 30th birthday(Dec.21st) and Brett's 16th birthday. We went up town to LaRows for pizza and cake. This was Stac's idea and Brett was freaking out that she was going to embarass him somehow. She told me to pick up some balloons and a cake on my way home and I was like no way am I going to bring balloons because Brett would freak!! On the way the town before the party I think he was kind of worried what we were going to do to embarass him. I told him we were going to sing Happy Birthday to him and he freaked out. Well we didn't do anything to embarass him, we just got him worked up a little:) It ended up being a fun night with the siblings and Stac. Of course we missed Brandi though:(
Saturday night Brad and I went uptown for Rob's surprise 30th toga party. He was a good time sitting around with friends chatting and playing cards! Rob's wife is also pregnant and she is due a week after me so I wasn't the only one not able to drink.
Today Brad had to go to work at one and Camden and I have been laying around doing absolutely nothing. It's just one of those days!
Camden also has a crisis right now. The other day he came home from daycare and kind of sighed and I asked him what was wrong and he said " Mom, I have 2 girlfriends now." I of coursed asked him why because before he told me Whitney was just his girlfriend. He said "Because Sami asked me to be her boyfriend today and I told her I would." I thought oh my gosh you are 3 years old and you are already talking like this! Brad of course being a man was like I was like that at 3 years old. We kind of tease Camden about Whitney. I have asked him if he has kissed his girlfriend and he said no because you have to sit in timeout if you do that at daycare:) Seriously 3 years old and he is talking about girlfriends! I think all kids go through this at an early age! I remember having a boyfriend in preschool, but he is definetly taking after his dad! But that was his crisis, having 2 girlfriends!

Friday, December 5, 2008

How hard is it to find black shoes?? AHHHHH

Camden's preschool concert is next wednesday night and I have been looking for black dress shoes for him for over a week. I seriously have looked in 3 different Walmarts, Kohls, Childrens Place, JcPennys,Target and Payless. Everywhere I went had black shoes just not a size 10 or 10 1/2 in little boys. They had everything else but those sizes. Yeah I was getting pretty pissed. His outfit is dress pants with a shirt and tie so he needed dressy black shoes!! How stressful is it just trying to find a frickin pair of shoes! Well my last hope was trying Spirit Lake Walmart on the way to Swea today otherwise I was going to have to run back to Sioux City. Well walmart had one pair of size 10 black shoes left, thank goodness!! Geez it was stressful!!!
Also I got my christmas cards in the mail today. This is the first time, maybe second time that I have done my own christmas cards. Usually we have professional pictures taken and I have them order them. This year I just took a few snapshots and used those for the cards. So I did the order myself and when I got them today I so do not like them. The original photos are not dark but once I got the card today the pictures on the cards turned out dark!! I don't know if I did something or if Walmart did something! I was going to go through all the BS to send them back and redo them but I think I am going to save myself the stress and just use them and send them out. So yeah needless to say I am not happy about them!!!
Anyways I am done complaining, I think it's just the day today! We are at dad's now and going to celebrate Brett's birthday tonight!


Happy 16th Birthday Brett!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today we had another doctor appointment in Sioux City. Everything was fine and we got to hear the babies heart beat for a short time because baby was being stubborn and moving so it was hard to hear it but according to the monitor it had strong heartbeat! The nurse said it must be a stubborn boy not wanting us to hear the heart beat for a longer time. Of course we don't care if we get a boy or girl, we just want it to be healthy. Camden and I are saying boy and Brad wants a girl. I am also officially past the first trimester and everything had gone well....and I didn't gain much weight the first 3 months...YAY!!!! I know the weight is coming though. I am definetly getting the pregnancy belly. With Camden I popped out pretty fast in the belly and with this one I am doing the same.
Not much else going on this week. I finished my chirstmas shopping yesterday and all the presents are wrapped and under the tree! It's a relief to have that done. Tomorrow we are going home for the day to have supper with Stac for Brett and Buzz's birthdays. It should be a good time.
Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Green Bay Weekend!

ChuckE Cheese....I think he is going to have a pretty good shot!
Playing video games at Chuck E Cheese

Playing miniature golf. Our hotel had mini golf and a 2 lane mini bowling.

Hotel Video arcade

At Lambeau atrium playing games

Hall of Fame

Camden at the Hall of Fame. Donald Driver#80 is his favorite. All weekend everytime he saw something with #80 on it he got so excited. He ended up getting a Driver jersey. We missed getting Driver's autograph by a day. He was going to be signing autographs with his new book today. It would of been pretty cool if Cam would of got to meet him!

Kid Zone in the Hall of Fame. THis is Camden tailgating.

Attempting the Lambeau leep

Kicking the ball

Hall of Fame

Camden in the Packer's Hall of Fame

Camden at Lambeau Field

Hall of Fame

Camden and Brad coming out of the tunnel

Camden by the Vince Lombardi statue outside the atrium

Our trip to Green Bay was tons of fun. Camden had a blast and still is talking that he got to see Lambeau field. We took off Friday and stayed in Oshkosh which is only about 45 minutes from Green Bay. It was a long drive for us. Camden could not understand why it was taking so long to get to Lambeau Field. Saturday morning we got up early and headed for Green Bay and stayed the rest of the weekend at a hotel there. Right when we got into town we drove past Lambeau Field and you should of seen Camden's eyes....they were huge! Brad went and got us tickets to tour the field and go to the Hall of Fame. We went on our tour and Camden wasn't so interested in the lady talking and telling us facts on Lambeau, he just wanted to go out on the field. Well that time came when we got to walk out of the packers tunnel onto the field. Camden was so amazed....He said "this is so cool." After the tour we went to the Hall of Fame and Camden loved that too. Brad and I have been in there a couple times so it wasn't to new to us. After the tours it was time to eat, shop, and play. We enjoyed lunch at Curley's Pub and got to watch some of the packers players leaving the stadium from the window seat we had at Curley's. Then Camden was off to the video arcade and kid area. He had a blast there and was hard to get him away from there. The rest of Saturday we did alot of shoppping and hanging out in the atrium at the field. I think we all have enough packers attire for the next year:) I love shopping in Green Bay!!! We hit some pretty good after thanksgiving sales! Sunday we decided the weather was cold and it was supose to start snowing during the game so we decided not to buy another ticket for Camden to go to the game. Camden and I dropped Brad off early that morning at the bars and at noon he went to the game. Camden and I hung out at the hotel, went out for lunch, and did some more shopping. We had to go pick Brad up after the game. They ended up losing in the final minutes of the game. Yeah my husband was not happy, I knew I would have to listen to it the rest of the night! By the time he got back to the truck the snow was coming down pretty good. Our hotel was only a mile away and it took us over an hour to get back with the traffic jam after the game and the roads were getting horrible. We were in a winter weather warning. We got back to the hotel and an hour or so later we decided to run to Walmart and take Camden to ChuckE Cheese. Yeah 4 hours after the game the traffic and roads were still aweful but we only had to go a couple miles. We enjoyed a fun night at ChuckE Cheese and it was back to the hotel to get packed up and ready to leave Monday morning. Monday morning we headed out and the roads were still crappy but not as bad as the night before. It was along drive home and by the time we got here we were all very happy to be home. So all in all we had a very good weekend! I posted alot of pics of our weekend! I couldn't decide which ones to post so there are a bunch. I probably should of done a slide show but oh well. Enjoy!