Friday, April 9, 2010


Me-Camden what is purple on your shirt?
Camden-I got purple paint on it at preschool. Sorry mom! Oh no it's my brand new motorcycle shirt.
Me- It's no big deal Cam, it will come out when I wash it!
Camden-Do we have some Chlorox clean-up to wash it?
Me-Where did you learn that you use that?
Camden-They said to use that on t.v to get stains out.

Oh my I think my kid watches to much tv!!!!
It's been forever it seems that I have posted on here! Anyways here's a few things that have been going on with the Stevens'
*10 months old and a little stinker
*Has an attitude already especially when it comes to her brother bothering her.
*In to everything! She will drag out whatever she can get her hands on.
*Walks along the couch, it won't be long and she will be walking..YIKES!!!
*Hate's the grass! Took her outside a few days ago and she screamed bloody murder!!
*Love's to eat! Eating alot more table food now.
*Doesn't like to take naps
*As soon as she hears music she starts "dancing"'s so cute!
*Loves to do patty-cake
*Waves bye-bye

*Turned 5 the end of March
*Like's to bother Maeci
*Excited that it's Spring and he can be outside on the nice days.
*Kindergarten round-up a few weeks ago and had a blast. He has his assesment and he is above where he needs to be. We have a t-k(transitional kindergarten)program here if the kids are not quite ready for kindergarten yet. The teacher that assesed him said he is definetly ready for kindergarten and we got the official letter last week! It's going to be wierd having him gone all day come August.
*Excited to go to Chicago to see Auntie Brandi and Jeffy(that's what he calls him) for Brandi's college graduation the beginning of May! We will be there for 5 days so he is excited about all the fun stuff we will be doing!
*Starting soccer tomorrow and it will go every Saturday for the next 6 weeks.
*Starting T-ball in May and then games in June.

*Busy, busy trying to get together all the stuff for Oz's graduation. Trying to finish his scrapbooks before graduation but it's not looking good. All I have done is his Freshman year...HA! I put it off and now with only 4 weeks to go I am pretty sure I will not get them done with everything else I am trying to figure out! This graduation stresses me out just a little! I am more of a detailed person when planning and Oz just wants it plain and simple. It's his graduation so we will be doing plain and simple, but it will be a nice party!
*I got roped in to being a soccer coach for the next 6 Saturdays. I will be there anyways watching Cam so I might as well help out!
*Loving that it's Spring so I can get outside with the kids more often. Excited to go for more walks everyday!!

*Staying busy with work.
*Busy with city-council
*Doing great with his p90x routine. He is not doing it to try and lose weight but to tone up more and I can definetly see a difference since he started it 7 weeks ago. I thought I would be able to do it more often than I do but with the kiddos it's hard to find time everyday!
*On a kick right now wanting a Harley. He did this last year around this time so he is looking like crazy to find one.

Well that's about it with us........