Monday, January 26, 2009

Why do weekends go so fast?

It was pretty much a normal weekend for us. Brad had the weekend off so Friday night we went to the South O'Brien BB game with some friends of ours. The boy's team is undefeated in the conference and Friday's nights game was supose to be a goodone! The whole game was pretty close and the Wolverines came away with the win. Let me tell you I was getting nervous toward the end of the game with the score being so close. Go figure, most of you know that's how I get during games especially if Ozzie and Brett are the ones playing:)
Saturday all day we pretty much watched some BB on tv and cleaned the house. Cleaning is never ending in our house! Saturday night we had some friends over after supper to hang out for awhile. The kids ran wild and played hard all night! Where do they get there energy? I wish I had half the energy they do:)
Sunday was a day to do nothing! I like those days! Brad had to help with Super Shooters up at the school so Camden and I went up and watched that for awhile. It's a basketball competition for kids and the 1st-3rd place get to go to state. It nice for the Jaycees to put this on for kids. Camden played BB for awhile afterwards and then when we went home he wanted his basketball hoop brought in the house so dad and him could play!
One last thing.....
When we bought Bandit last March as a puppy he did not shed to much. The last couple months he has been shedding so bad. Ok it's probably not that bad compared to some dogs but it drives me nuts to have dog hair all over my house and furniture! Yeah I know I shouldn't let him be on the furniture but oh well. (Once I get new furniture he won't be able to be on it.) I vacuum 1-2 times/week and our vacuum is a decent one but just doesn't do the job to get rid of the dog hair! The dog hair really isn't that bad but enough to drive me nuts.
So Brad and Camden went to Sears Saturday morning and bought the new high tech Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner. I didn't know much about them until Brad came home awhile ago and was telling me about this vacuum. At the time he was telling me I didn't think to much about it.
It comes with 3-4 other attachements and one is to use on furniture. My floors don't look dirty but after using this vacuum cleaner in my living room I about died at what came out of my floors. This vacuum cleaner has such high power that it was sucking everything out of my carpets! It brought up more than just the dog hair. I really didn't think it was going to be this great, but WOW I am amazed at what this vacuum does! So I am glad that it is worth the money....I was a little worried until I saw what it did! Ok sorry I am talking about vacuum cleaners but I got really excited about it..HAHA:) Have a good week!


Amy Hoyer said...

Brooke- I LOVE my Dyson!!! It is amazing how much it sucks up!! I actually enjoy vacuuming now!!

Brooke Stevens said...

Hey Amy-
Yes you are right that it is amazing!!!I really didn't think it would be that great until I bought it. I know I actually want to vacuum more often:)