Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giving away to children in need......

Last night we talked to Camden about going through his toys and giving them to some children who didn't have much to play with. He was all for it and was happy to be giving his toys to some little boy that didn't have much! Along with giving some of his toys he wanted to give all the little boys money too. He is thinking in a good way but I told him we would just have to give some toys! Today we went through all of his toys and I for sure thought he would have a hard time giving some of them up. Nope, he had no problem at all!! There were some things I told him that I think he should maybe keep and he said "Mom some little boy doesn't have this and I think he would like it." We also have adopt a families through work and I signed up for one so he also wants to go shopping with me to find them presents for Christmas. Very proud of him for doing this! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


What a busy weekend we had!! Friday morning we headed to Swea for a busy, busy weekend! We had a great time visiting with all of our family! Friday night was Stac's 40th birthday suprise party at the bar. The kids stayed with Paul and Connie so Brad and I could go. We had a good time helping her celebrate her birthday! :)
Saturday I was busy getting ready for Maeci's baptism and running here and there picking up things. Sunday Maeci was baptized and it was a great day! After baptism we had a nice dinner up at Loofts on 9 and everything turned out great! Thanks Stac for all your help and letting us use the station for the dinner. It was great to have some of our family there to help us celebrate. We were all pretty tired from a long but great weekend! I will post the pictures on facebook of our weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where are you going to live?

We were eating supper tonight and some of the things that come out of Camden's mouth are crazy! He is really starting to learn more about God by going to church and they also learn about it in preschool. The thing he has been talking more about is living in heaven someday. He understands what heaven is to a certain extent but it's hard to explain to a 4 year old all about dying and going to heaven. He told me today that heaven is a good place but he was not sure he wanted to go there when he gets old! I asked him where he was going to live someday when he gets older and he shrugs his shoulders and said probably just live at the nursing home with the old people! Oh boy the things kids will say!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Park fun

The weather today was perfect for an afternoon at the park.Camden went to the park yesterday with Ashley and was so excited because there is new equipment. So he insisted we go check it out again today! Here are a few pictures!
climbing the rock wall

Having to much fun

Maeci just taking it all in

Happy baby

Friday, November 6, 2009

Last weekend was a busy, busy weekend! Friday afternoon we went to Sioux City to Maeci's peds appointment. Her ears have cleared up from ear infection which is a good sign! We also are going to continue her allergy medicine as long as it's helping a little. After the doctor we went to the mall and a few other store's to do some shopping.I was in need of some new clothes and the kids were too. After shopping we headed home in time for me to have a girls night out! It was so much fun sitting around chatting, laughing, and having a few drinks. Saturday morning we had the kids pictures taken. Boy that was interesting! Maeci was so crabby she would NOT smile for anything...she is always full of smiles!!! We got maybe one or two decent pics of her but none with her smiling.Oh well she wiill have pics done again in a couple months. We also took pictures of the kids together for Christmas cards and that didn't go so well either. Camden would smile and Maeci would either cry or be looking away! We maybe got a picture of both of them looking at the camera but not smiling! So that was interesting! Saturday afternoon we all took naps before going ot trick-or-treating. Camden of course loved going house to house and getting candy! Maeci made it to a couple houses and then slept the rest of the time! After trick-or-treating we went to the Bahrenfuss's for a party. We all had a good time and were very tired by the end of the night! Sunday we just hung out around the house and watched football. This weekend we are not doing much. I am thinking we need a quiet weekend. Brad has to work all weekend so he won't be home much!