Tuesday, March 8, 2011

There is so much sickness going around here it's crazy! I walk in to daycare and see signs of what my child was exposed too, you see a status on FB having sick kids, and Camden always is telling me someone is sick out of his class! Wowzers! This has been a horrible winter for the colds in my house. Camden was always sick up until he was 1 or so. After his immune system was built up he maybe gets 2-3 colds A YEAR...which wasn't so bad! Well just this winter I think he is on cold #4! Maeci has had her fair share of colds this winter too! Last week Camden starting running a fever on Wednesday night so I called the school on Thursday to tell them he would not be in. The secretary told me just out of Camden's class the day before there were 6 kids out with Influenza A, B or strep....and it's really bad in the school. Oh great! He had a horrible cough, runny nose and a fever....off to the doctor we went! Doc said this has been a really, really bad winter and the last few weeks for the cold and flu! If it continues he can see more schools shutting down. Luckily Camden's test were all negative so he just gave us a med to help with the cold and off we went. Little did I know this fever would last for 5 days! He did not go back to school til noon yesterday. His fever is gone but his cough is still awful at night...but we just have to let it runs its course! Camden brought home a note yesterday after school that was talking about all the sickness going around and last Friday they had 9 kids out of his class sick! The doctor also told me that they have had a couple cases where the kids are testing positive even though they have had flu shots! (They might have had a more mild case of Influenza if they got the shot) Hmmm.....I thought I was safe getting my kids the flu shots?!? I am hoping whatever Camden had doesn't spread in our house to everyone else! Hopefully Spring is coming SOON and we can get rid of these germs and let some fresh air in the house!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Parent-teacher conferences were a couple weeks ago and since we didn't have to meet with his teacher she called with some test scores of his! He took the 2nd part of the dibels testing a month ago. The first part was at the beginning of the year and his scores were great and well over the average score. The second part he did awesome! The averages are different from the first part to the second part. There are also some more parts and more advanced areas...like more reading and mathematics. We are so proud of him as once again he scored well over the average on all the parts of the tests. In a couple test he scored 25+ over the average. Way to go Camden!


Last night I was reading Maeci an animal book and I was asking her what each animal says. After awhile of the animal sounds she was kept saying "mommy" as we were reading the book. Not sure what she wanted so I said "What does mommy say?" Maeci's response (as she is points her finger at me) "No, No"
Do you think that she hears that word from me a little to much?!? I think so.......