Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Change.....

Yep my life is about to change in just over a week! I have accepted a position with the O'brien County Conservation as a full time secretary. I am excited, nervous, and scared! This is going to be a GREAT job for me and I am ready for this challenge but it's going to change not only my life but the rest of my family too. When I first got pregnant Brad and I had decided I would only work part time so I could be home with the kids. I am thankful for Brad's job that I have been able to be home alot the past 6 years. I worked in daycare for about 3 years and only worked an average of 28 hours a week. The past 3 years that I have been at the hospital I really cut down on hours (which was awesome once I had Maeci) and only worked about 12 hours a week. Once Camden was in school and Maeci was a little older I said I always wanted to go back to work full time. I do love my job at the hospital because of the work I do, the hours, my co-workers,and it's very flexible! There isn't any chance of me being able to have more hours, or a full time position. My job there has been assisting in surgies, computer work, ordering for hospital/clinics, invoicing, etc. There is an opening for a surgery assistant now at the hospital. It would include maybe a few more hours a week and 24 hour on call time 3-4 days a week/weekends. I thought about it but with Brad's schedule it would not work out for us. He works different shifts and it would be hard being on call when he is working. With Brad working his shift of overnights and two small kids not sure what I would do with them if I got called in for emergency surgery in the middle of the night. I am really going to miss working at the hospital and miss seeing my co-workers everyday! It has been a great learning experience and Baum Harmon Mercy hospital has been great to work for!
So this new job just happened to come open and I thought I may as well apply for it. I love doing clerical work as that has always been an interest to me. When they called me to offer me the job I was very excited but had some anxiety of how my kids would handle the change. I will be working Monday-Friday 8-4:30. It will be different for me because I am used to being home by noon and doing what I want all afternoon! Maeci will have the biggest change because she is used to being home with mommy in the afternoons. Now she will either be at daycare or home with Brad. Camden won't have that big of adjustments because he will be in school most of the day. He will have to go to the after school daycare program through our daycare but he loves it so I don't see much of a problem with that! Brad has a 2 week rotation on his schedule so one week he will be off and home with her 3 days, and the next week he will be home with her 2 days. Some days that Brad has to work she will only be there half days. The biggest will be when he is on his dayshifts she will have to be there the whole day! She loves daycare so I am sure she will get used to it! Brad said her being a mommy's girl is about to change into a daddy's girl! Whatever!!!:)
I am going to have to figure out a whole new morning rountine which will be interesting until we get used to it! Oh yeah and I will have to get out of bed a little earlier! LOL!!! Oh well I am sure I can handle that!! So once again I am very excited but scared at the same time. I think the biggest adjustment for me is having to be away from my kiddos most of the day:( I am sure it will all be fine once we get used to it, but it's a little scary making this life change!