Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend went way to fast and it's Monday, uggghhhh! Friday I was off of work so we went to Spencer for dinner, shopped, and got some groceries. Friday night we headed to Paullina to visit with Mike, Anne and baby Tristyn. We didn't stay long since the weather was starting to get kind of crappy. Camden always has a good time when we are at there house because they have 3 older boys he likes to play with. He was playing in there kitchen and he came in the living room with his hand over his head and said he bonked his head on the table. I didn't think it would be that bad since he wasn't crying but holy cow did he have a huge goose egg and it was instantly black and blue. He was a trooper and never cried. Thank goodness he doesn't have pictures anytime soon:)
Saturday we layed around all day and that night we had my work Christmas party. We had a nice supper and then after supper they had Karaoke for everyone. It was a fun night to go out with some of our close friends. By the time we left it had been snowing again and I being the only sober one had to drive home on the crappy roads.
Sunday we had Christmas with my mom at my house. Buzz, Tab, Cassie,Ozzie, and Brett also came down to have Christmas with us. We grilled burgers, watched football, and opened presents. Camden and Cassie were running wild as Buzz, Ozzie, and Brett kept shooting them with Nerf guns. It was fun to have everyone down here and it was nice that I wasn't the one to have to drive home..HA!....(Yes Buzz I enjoyed my nap after you guys left....HA!)
Through the night last night we got some more snow and today it's blowing like crazy and pretty much in Blizzard conditions! Brad went to work at 1:00 today and I am sure he will not enjoy working today in this weather. I am not sure how much snow we received throughout the weekend but it seemed like alot and I think we are supose to get more snow the next 3 days! That pretty sums up our weekend. I will post some pictures of the weekend later today or tomorrow.

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