Thursday, October 30, 2008


My co-worker handing out candy to Cam and Trevor

This weekend Kim, Troy, and Drew are coming to spend the weekend and we can't wait! Camden has been asking for the last 2 weeks when is Drew coming? He is so excited and can't wait!! He is also excited that it's time to trick or treat tomorrow. He has already had a Halloween party at preschool, sunday school, and daycare. I don't think he even needs to go trick or treating because he already has enough candy! Today the daycare went to the nursing home with there costumes on and sang songs to the residents. After the nursing home they came to the hospital and walked around to different departments and trick or treated. You would think he would be sick of Halloween but he is ready to go get more candy...just what he needs! Well everyone have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Football Game

Camden and I ended up not going home tonight to the football game. I ended up having to work early tomorrow morning and if we would have went home it would have been late by the time we got home and got to bed. But let me tell you I feel guilty not going....this is only the 2nd game I have missed this season! So after missing tonight I will for sure be going to the rest of the playoff games! I think I had about 3 people texting me throughout the game letting me know what was going on, which was great so I knew what the score was and what was going on. Royce had it on the radio and sometimes you can get it in down here but not tonight! I even tried backing up and going forward in the driveway to see if I could get a such luck! I did that last year for a playoff game that I missed and I could get some of the game! I loved being updated through text messages about the game until the dreaded text came through-Oz is hurt! Of course I freaked out not knowing what was wrong with him but I guess he ended up messing up his ankle again. I don't know how bad it is but mom just said he went up for a catch in the endzone and came down and she could tell he was in alot of pain. I am sure he is not very happy being hurt and playing in the playoffs! Mom said Oz and Brett played a pretty good game!

On a different note, THE PHILLIES WON!!! My husband is thrilled! well I am hitting the hay very early tonight.....Have a good rest of week!

Get your flu shot!!

That is my encouragement to everyone to go out and get their flu shot! I recently had a work meeting and the guest speaker was Dr. Galloway from Mercy Medical in Sioux City. His topic was on flu shots. Alot of people say "I got the flu shot last year and I got the flu." Well the flu shot does not protect you agaisnt the stomach flu, the shot is for the respiratory flu--Influenza. My husband is one of those that says he will not get the flu shot because one year he did and he got the flu. I try to explain to him and I finally think I got it through his head. Some people will also say that they got the shot but had a bad cold. Well Influenza is different from just a common cold! If one actually gets Influenza they can become really sick and be hospitalized. The complications can get worse if not treated right away! Influenza has symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea but more symptoms of fever, sore throat, cough, etc. There is a difference from Influenza and the stomach flu. Dr.Galloway brought along many facts that were interesting that I did not know. I just wanted to share with you what I learned from that and encourage you to get a flu shot!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Finally we got some time to get our pumpkins carved tonight. Camden had been antsy to do it so finally tonight we got them done. We had a couple big ones to carve fun stuff in but one of them had gone bad. Camden had a blast and really wanted to do more of the carving part but I was a little nervous about letting him using the carving utensils. He kept busy with cleaning the pumpkins out for us!

Today Cam and I spent the afternoon outside putting some of his toys away for winter, cleaning some of the flower beds out, and raking some leaves. It was a decent afternoon but wish it could still be a little warmer! Cam and I are heading to Swea City tomorrow for the boys football game against Remsen St. Marys. GO EAGLES!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hospital Halloween Haunted Wellness Walk

Cam and his buddy Jacob
Camden and his babysitter LaShara

Camden and I went to the hospitals halloween haunted wellness walk last night! This is the first year we have been to it and what a wonderful idea for the hospital to do this!! They put this event on in the high school. It was tons of fun for the kids. The kids get dressed up in there costumes and you go in groups of people to go on this wellness walk. Every group has a guide and they are all dressed up in different costumes...we had the big bad wolf and little red riding hood. Every hall was fully decorated in something different and people were handing out candy to the kids. Some of the themes of the halls were a graveyard, soccer field, jungles, sheriffs office, hula dancers, skeletons, etc. Some of the halls were dark with scary things popping out. Camden got a little scared in a couple parts but had tons of fun. The end of the walk you ended up in the gym where the theme was rock-n-roll. They had high school girls dress up in poodle skirts and the guys in white t-shirts and there hair slicked back. The kids got to dance around, play with balloons, and eat cookies! I had a hard time getting Cam out of there he was having to much fun and did not want to go home!

Today we didn't do much. Brad had to work in the afternoon so Camden and I have been pretty lazy all afternoon!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well today was brad's first official day hunting! It was a such a nice morning for the season opener. He went with a couple of his buddies this morning only for a couple hours. He did end up shooting his first pheasant this morning! I am sure he would of liked to be out longer to see if he could get another but he had to go to work. I have enclosed a picture of the first pheasant. I believe he is going back out tomorrow morning too. Oh boy this could be an every weekend thing. Oh well he enjoys it so I hope he will be able to get out alot and hunt this season! Camden is already wanting to go out hunting with the guys. I think his papa started that by taking him out last year for a bit with him. Now with his dad starting to hunt he will be wanting to go out all the time! Dad and Brad think he will be getting his BB gun next year or by the time he is 5 and I am not so sure about that. I said when he is 10 and they say next year! Hmmmm wonder who will win that one!

Friday, October 24, 2008

District Champs....

The eagles regular season has come to an end beating Laurens 30-25 and capturing the district title! It was a very good game to watch. I don't know what I like better, a blowout or a close game. A blowout I don't get nervous and a close game I get VERY tonight!!! But in the long run I guess it is nice to watch two good football teams go at it and actually see some competition! The boys played very well and I am very proud of them this season! State playoffs start next Wednesday so we will be heading home to watch those games! Camden says "When I get big I am going to play football and run like Ozzie and Brett." He really looks up to his uncles!

FB game.....

Cam and I are on another road trip tonight as we are heading to Laurens to watch the eagles! It is the last regular season game. We have to win tonight to be the district champs. If we lose there will be a tie between Laurens and NSK. I believe that is how it is if I got that right from the boys! I hate the way they do football! Then it will come down to a point system which I understand but I really don't:) This point system will determine the district champs between the Eagles and Laurens. But hopefully we just win and don't have to worry about that......GO EAGLES!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's official....

Today we went to the doctor in Sioux City and it is official that we are going to have a little one! Our due date is June 13th(forever away) but will probably have it around the first part of June since I have to have a c-section and she said today they usually do c-section patients a week or more earlier than the due date! Today's appiontment we just met with a nurse practitioner to go over OB education and so forth. November 5th will be our first appointment with Dr. Hagen and that will be our first ultrasound. Since I had low progesterone prior to be pregnant the Doc thought it would be a good idea to be on extra progesterone to be safe and to keep my levels up so we will do that for a month and see from there what my levels will be. And let me tell a month worth of this medicine is VERY expensive. I thought it would be pretty cheap after insurance but Brad and I about died when we saw how much it was!! But ya gotta do what the doc says and whatever is safe for this pregnancy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend in Swea City!

Friday Camden and I headed to Swea for a busy weekend. Friday on the way home we stopped by the hospital in Spirit Lake to see my friend Missy and her new baby boy, Cael Michael! He is such a cutie:) Congrats to Shawn and Missy!

Friday night we went to the football game and the eagles came away with another win agaisnt TRV-66-24.

Saturday Camden spent the morning helping dad and the boys outside. We couldn't go out to the field because it was to wet from the rain. Camden was bummed but had alot of fun working on the farm with papa and the boys. They got the tractor out and spent alot of the morning cleaning up the garden. They dug up some carrots that were left over and Camden had to be like Ozzie and eat them right out of the garden-dirt and all! That afternoon we went to mom's and made brownies and sugar cookies using my favorite recipes from Great Grandma Esta! They were sooo good and Camden had a blast making them and making a MESS!!

Dad had planned on taking Camden up to Burt Lake to walk the trails once we got back but realized there were alot of duck hunters up there and people had tree stands set up for deer hunting! We opted not to do that since there were going to be so many hunters and didn't want to take that chance of someone not seeing us in the trails! So instead dad got the idea to walk out in the middle of the field to an area with pretty much grass and trees-it's an area that the boys actually pheasant hunt. So we hoped in the car and drove out a ways and the rest of the way we had to walk. The only way to get to that spot was to walk through rows of corn that were not down yet. Camden was a trooper and made it-it was longer than we thought! Once we got to the spot we had to walk through some pretty tall grass to get to the spot where dad wanted to show Camden. We made it and it was so peaceful out there. The boys had made a fort out there about 8-9 years ago and some of it was still standing so dad and Oz got the idea to start rebuilding it for hunting so Camden jumped right in and helped! So Camden thinks this fort is his now and is already asking to go back out there! It was a long day but we all had alot of fun. Dad made his famous ribs that night so we all pigged out on those and then it was time to relax and have some down time!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to visit with Brad's parents for awhile. Then we made the trip home. Camden was excited to get home because he hadn't seen his dad since friday! Brad went down to the Iowa/Wisconsin game for the weekend. YAY for the Hawks win!! The rest of the day we relaxed at home and watched the Packers come away with a win and the vikings and cowboys lose....ha! Brad made his famous chili that night and that was the end to our weekend......

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phillies to play in the World Series

Yes my husband is thrilled that his phillies made it to the World Series. He had to work tonight so he had to listen to it in his car. Then of course had to watch the last inning and celebration at his office. I am sure it is exciting for him since I believe they haven't been there since 1993.


My gosh it feels like this week is going so slow! Not a whole lot going on this week. Lately at work there has not been alot going on so I have been home by noon everyday! I love my job but I also love being home! Doesn't everybody?? If we don't have much scheduled for the week in surgery or if I don't have alot of paper/computer work to do I get to go home since I am not full time. They are saying it is slow at work because it's harvest time. Camden loves it because I get to be home with him:) Cam and I have been pretty lazy all week. There is cleaning to be done but I decided that can wait!
We are heading back to Swea this weekend with a busy schedule! Camden is hoping to be able to work with Papa in the field...hopefully it don't rain or he will be bummed. I hope it don't rain either because I want to take fall pics of Camden on the farm!! Well hope everyone's week is going good and faster then mine:)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Brad and I went to Omaha yesterday to see Rascal Flatts in concert. They put on an awesome concert and it's by far the best concert I have been to. There laser show for the background was amazing! Taylor Swift was the opening show for Rascal Flatts and she was very good also.

Not much else going on this weekend, just relaxing today and watching the Packers play! Hopefully they can start winning! Glad the Hawks finally won yesterday. Brad is heading to Iowa City on Friday to the Iowa/Wisconsin game.

Friday, October 10, 2008

FB game

The eagles came away with another win tonight agaisnt HLP. It was a pretty boring game with the score being 45-0!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well we survived the trip to the dentist today! Camden did better than I expected. At first he was so scared but the doctor was so good with him and kind of played around with him for awhile and Camden loosened up a little. He still was not going to have the doc put anything in his mouth besides his fingers to look at his teeth. The doctor showed him how everything worked and the best part was riding up and down in the chair! The doctor did not see any problems or cavities in his teeth. So that was a good sign! He said this checkup was one just to get Camden familiar with what he would be doing and get him used to it going to the dentist. So we go back in 6 months and he will try to do a cleaning then and look again at his teeth. Since Cam did good he got to pick out a prize and a new toothbrush.....boy was he excited about that! But thank goodness none of us had any problems today because I hate going to the dentist myself! After we left Cam said "I really like the dentist." What a sigh of relief that we are done with that now for awhile and that Cam did a great:)

This afternoon Camden had another appointment in Spencer to see the Orthopedic doctor. About a month ago Camden woke up one morning and all of a sudden his right leg gave out. I figured his leg was just asleep and didn't think much of it but watched it through out the day. He kind favored his right leg all day but seemed to get better by that night. The next morning he was limping on his right leg again so I decided to take him into the doctor. I was getting a little worried because congenital hip dislocation runs in Brads family. Babies usually get tested everytime they go in for a routine checkup. The test is when they lay them on there back and rotated the legs different ways to see if there is a clicking in the hips. He has never had any problems with this and usually they would catch this with the routine checkups. Anyways so I took him into the doctor and they took x-rays and the doc did notice that he was limping a little when he walked but everything looked good on the x-rays. He was figuring it was just a pulled muscle or something simple as that but recommended we see this Orthopedic doctor to make sure it wasn't the hip dislocation. A couple days after I had him to the doctor he was walking fine again and running around like normal. I am guessing it was just a pulled muscle. We still decided to go to Spencer today and check with this doctor. The doc today looked at his x-rays and did some things with his hips and had him walk and run around and the doctor said he was just fine and he did not have this hip dislocation....sigh of relief! I think Cam was glad when all of this was over today. After the appointments we did a little shopping in Spencer and got some groceries. I also bought Oz and Brett's christmas presents today! Yay 2 done off my list!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

First trip to the dentist......

Tomorrow is Camden's first trip to the dentist....oh boy, I do not know how this is going to go. He used to hate going to the Doctor but has gotten used to it, so I am hoping this goes good. I scheduled appointments for Brad and my yearly checkup also just to have Camden watch us and see what the dentist is actually going to do. I tried to get Cam geared up for it tonight by talking good things and showing him what the dentist would do and he wasn't so sure about it! When i scheduled the appointment they said they want to at least just look at his teeth to make sure everything looks good and may not force the cleaning part of it since he is only 3! Boy I hope he cooperates:) He can be pretty brave but I don't know if he is going to be brave with someone using instruments in his mouth! We are going shopping in Spencer afterwards so I tried to bribe him that if he was cooperative then maybe he could get something at Walmart....ha! I don't do that much but if it works for the dentist then so be it!

Wednesday's are a pretty big day for Camden when he comes home from preschool. Wednesday's he brings all his papers home from school that he has done for the week. He gets so excited to show me what he did and what he has been learning about. Camden loves to learn about new stuff and has done very well so far in school by the looks of his papers. It's crazy how fast he catches on to stuff. One day he came home and said he learned the Lords Prayer that week and I really thought he was just saying that. Well he wasn't lying he does know the Lords Prayer(minus a couple words) Heck I don't think I knew that til I was 12...haha!!! He goes to Grace Lutheran Church Preschool so they take time to learn about God. He has wonderful teachers that do an excellent job with the preschoolers.

Friday Cam and I are on another road trip to watch the boys play at Lake Park. Thank goodness it's not very far away!!! GO EAGLES!!

Saturday Brad and I are heading to Omaha to see Rascal Flatts in concert. We just found out that Taylor Swift is the opening show for Rascal Flatts so I think it will be a great concert to see....I am so excited!! Cam is staying with Grandma Connie so I am sure he will have lots of fun!!:)
Well hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


What another busy weekend for us. Friday night we went to FB game in West Bend to watch the boys play....they won 49-6!! It was a cold night for football.....I guess it could of been worse.
Camden was thrilled once we got to the game because Buzz, Tab, and Cassie were there also.

Saturday we took Camden to pumkinland to pick out pumpkins. He was most excited about the scarecrow that was painted on a wall. He is learning about scarecrows and Halloween at Preschool right now. He trys to act like a scarecrow and holds his arms straight out and wants a bird to fly and sit on his arms!

Hawkeyes=Frustrating....... We watched them lose again for the 3rd week in a row. Come on Hawks!!!!

Last night my friend Lisa and her boyfriend Kevin came over for a BBQ. It was nice to get together with her because we don't get to see each other that much with our busy schedules......even though we only live 10 miles apart!!

Today is a relaxing day for us.....of course we are watching the Packers play. Thank goodness Aaron Rodgers is doing better and playing today....I was a little worried! We have to flip between the Packers game and the Phillies game.....Brad is a Phillies fan and I don't care for the them, I would rather be cheering the Twins on!

Well that is all for now.....Hope everyone had a good weekend!:)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh how I love Fall weather!

Cam and Mikayla playing outside

Camden was supose to be making ants on a log for his snack but he instead thought he would just lick the peanut butter off the knife!

What a beautiful day it turned out to be. This morning when Cam and I got up at 9:00 it was 62 degrees in our house....soooo cold! As the day went on it got nice so we spent alot of time outside. Soon there is not going to be alot of outside time. The snow will be here before we know it. Brad has already started putting away and getting stuff out for winter. He has already fertilized the lawn for winter, put the patio set away, hauled stuff from garage to storage shed, etc. Oh yeah did I mention he already brought the snow blower up and put it in the garage. He said he needed to get it out of our storage shed so he could have room to put other things away!!! And he was surely not going to do all this when it gets really cold out.......I said it's way to early but I wasn't going to argue with him....hahaha:) I am just hoping the snow doesn't come really early this year. Dad said they are talking that it's going to be a very, very cold!