Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My little Maecer is having surgery on Friday. I am FREAKING out!! She is going to have tubes in her ears and also have an adenoidectomy done(removal of adenoids). I am not freaking out about the tubes because I have been through them with Camden when he was 9 months old but it's the removing of adenoids.(Camden didn't have his tonsils and adenoids removed until he was just over 3 yrs old) Typically ENT doctors do not like to do adenoids this young unless they are causing chronic problems in children. Well I took her to the ENT doc yesterday and he just looked at her and said she is not breathing right and she is breathing heavy/ mouth breather. He is 99 % sure all this crap going on with her is being caused from her adenoids. He is going in to do the tubes and then while doing that he will evaluate the adenoids and if they look fine he will leave them in and not remove them. If they are not the cause of the problem he will be able to look around a little in her mouth/throat to see if there is something else going on. I really hope this is the problem and it's nothing else. Hopefully she will actually be able to have the surgery on Friday. She is battling a cough and sometimes docs will not release them to have surgery until they get over the cold. We go for an H &P tomorrow to the doc so we will see what she says. I am hoping we can do it on Friday because our ENT doc will be leaving next Friday and will be gone for a couple weeks and I just want to get this over with!!