Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing with shaving cream.....kept him busy! It's actually an activity in many daycares. It sounds crazy and obviously can only let kids old enough to do this. He had fun drawing things in the shaving cream and just getting his hands dirty....Way to much fun!
Messing around in dad's work hat!

He got sick of painting pictures and wanted to make a hand print of his hand with paint and then it turned into this. I didn't care, he was having to much fun!

It was another one of those weekends with not alot going on,which was nice because it seems like the weekends have been kind of busy for us. Brad worked all weekend and Camden and I just hung out at home. Brad had a busy day on Saturday with the blowing and drifting snow, once again he wasn't to thrilled by the time he got home for supper with all the idiot drivers! I think the only time I left the house was to run to the grocery store and to go outside today and play in the snow with Camden, finally the weather hit the 30's! Sounds like the next couple days are supose to be nice and in the 30's!YAY!

I posted some pics from this past week.

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