Monday, January 12, 2009

Pictures from this past weekend

Camden with his new flashlight and Hulk wristbands he got from my mom as one of his presents. Everytime we go to my moms he loves her flashlight and of course not one that we have here so my mom bought him one like hers and he loves it. Tonight he shut off his light and was looking for bugs in his room. I told him I hope there was no bugs in his room and he said mom I am just pretending I am outside looking for bugs. His wristbands he also loves....he had to wear them to bed last night.
They boys....Brett looks evil with his play gun!

Gma Brenda playing Candyland with Cassie and Camden.....(Cam's favorite game)

Brad and Mike at my Christmas party.....Yeah by this point they had their fair share of beer! :)

Christmas Party.....Mike and Anne

Christmas Party.....Cory and Rose

Playing in the snow......He loves baseball so we have to play it when we go outside even though there is snow on the ground! I think he takes after the boys and there love for baseball!

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