Monday, August 23, 2010

A mouthy 5 year old

Yes from the title of this post I am sure you can tell that I now have a very mouthy 5 year old. I have never really went through the terrible two's with Camden but I would have to say these mouthy five's are the worst I have ever seen! Don't get me wrong he has been naughty and a little mouthy during the last couple years, but the last couple months have been the worst!!! He is acting out so bad I am not quite sure what to do with him! He talks back, mimicks everything you say(especially when we are discipling him) and screams at you! He never acts like this when mom and dad are not around though. Daycare has said he is one of the best kids there and usually listens to them if he has to be told not to do something. Really the only time he acts out is if mom and dad are with him at home or wherever we may be! I am sure this is just a phase and it will get a little better.(it's not going to get completely better because numerous people tell me if only gets!)
A couple nights ago we were at our friends house for supper and he was not listening at all! I was so frustrated! Our friends said they had all been through it and some are still going through it! I guess I am not the only one that has a mouthy kid! I look back working at daycare's and being around other people's kids and I pretty sure I have seen kids that are alot worse than Camden is right now! So we are continuing our discipline to see what works and doesn't work.
Maeci is starting early with her attitude...way to early!!! I think she is picking up bits and pieces from watching Camden. Her newest thing is starting to hit! I know she see's that at daycare too. The other day I went to pick her up and a little boy went up to her, hit her, and took her toy she had. So what did she do? Hit him back! Oh the joys! Hoping this gets better and we can figure something out!
On a better note....
Camden starts Kindergarten tomorrow! I am sad because he seems so little to be going to school! He is so excited and has been asking non-stop for the past 2 weeks when he is going to school. I am hoping his attitude we are having at home does not start at school! Like I said before he never had any problem with daycare or preschool so I hope he doesn't start acting naughty in kindergarten. (I will be checking with his teacher to see how he is doing after a couple weeks).
Anyways in the next couple days I will post some first day of school pictures!