Thursday, October 28, 2010


The NSK Eagles took a loss last night in the state playoffs to Remsen Union. Congrats to Brett and the Eagles on a great season! It was sad seeing my brother finish up another high school sports season. I am not sure what I am going to do once Brett is done with sports. It will feel really weird next year not going to high school sporting events to watch him play. I am sure I will stay busy with Camden's sports schedule. :)
I still have a hard time this year with Oz graduating. It is so wierd that the "Beadle" boys are not out there playing together! Now that Oz is gone and I go back to games to watch Brett, people still call them the Beadle boys. During homecoming week someone came up to me and said that it's different not having the Beadle boys out there and they miss seeing them play together! I do too! The time goes way to fast and it's hard to believe this is Brett's senior year! I am very proud of him and all of his accomplishments this year!
................Bring on the baseball season!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Camden- "Mom does your perfume smell like dog?"

Me- "What?!? No, why?"

Camden "Well the bottle has a dog on it so it must smell like dog!"

HAHA!!! He was in the bathroom while I was getting ready and happened to see my perfume bottle sitting on the counter. It is from the Victoria's Secret pink collection. He still didn't understand why there was a "dog" on the bottle! LOL!

Monday, October 18, 2010

In church yesterday morning I was looking through the bulletin and saw we were going to sing 2 verses of "Amazing Grace". Yes I love this song but I usually never can hold it together when singing it. It makes me think of all the special people I have lost in my life. Just last week was 6 years since my Gma Esta passed away. She was one special Gma to me and I miss her so much! The days of playing there after school, the mini pizza's, the dixie cups, twiddling her thumbs, and her love for her grandkids were just a few of the things I miss about her! Everytime I would walk in the door she would say "Well hi brooke!" I miss those words! I miss her!
Also I have been thinking alot lately about my Gma Beadle who passed away this past January. I miss her terribly! It still hasn't fully sunk in that she has gone to heaven and is not with us anymore. Everytime I would go visit she would always greet me "well hello Brookie!" I miss hearing that everytime I walk in her house now. She was so special to me and I felt very close to her. I miss her love for her family, great cooking, and family get-togethers with her. Oh yes I definately miss that look she would give whoever was giving her a hard time while she was cookingor in the was the look of "you smart ass!" I can picture that look right now and I love it! :) I could go on and on about her and the things I love! I just heard the only day from the boys that farming season reminds them alot of Gma. They said they miss the little red car pulling up with dinner! Of course Gma would always bring the best meals to the field too!
These two hold a special place in my heart and all of the other loved ones I have lost!
So back to church yesterday......
We start singing "Amazing Grace" and I got about 5 seconds into it and starting crying! Pretty sure the lady next to me thought I was crazy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The season for colds is here..............

I swear the minute fall/winter begins the sickness begins around here! About 6 weeks or so ago Camden woke up with high fever and a cough that sounded like a seal. I figured it was croup so I took him in and sure enough it was croup. Meds helped and he was better.(doc said alot of kids had been in to be seen for croup) About a week after that Maeci had a hoarse voice and had a cough but not as bad as Cam did. I gave it a couple days and it got worse so off to the doctor she went. They said she had a cold and possibly the start of croup. Put her on meds and couple days later she was better. I ended up getting a hoarse voice and cough just at night but didn't think I needed to go to the doctor. I never get sick so I figured I would just get over it. It didn't get worse but after about a week and a half I was sick of coughing at night so I went to doctor and they ended up putting me on medicine. The same day I went to the doctor Camden was home sick with Brad with yet another fever. I thought I would give it some time and see if he would get over it...sometimes it's just allergies with him! I don't always like to take them to the doctor right away because sometimes it can be just viral/allergies and they have to let it run its course. I usually can tell if it's just the snotty nose or if it's something more than that. While I was at the doc I told him about Camden running a fever and not feeling well. He said strep was now going around like wildfire.(which I knew about 5 people that week that had strep and it's been posted on the school website saying numerous cases of strep) He told me to see how Cam was over night and he would call in a on hold antibiotic if we needed it for him(this was a Friday) I got home after my appointment, looked in Camden's throat, found a very red throat and a few white patches. His symptoms were a sore throat and fever....strep! So back on another med! So he got much better once he started his medcine and seems to be ok now. Yesterday I was at work and Brad stopped in while he was working and said he felt like hell and had a horrible sore throat. This morning he woke up, could hardley talk and had a fever. Since our doctor pretty much knows it's going around our family he didn't make him come in and ended up give him a antibiotic for strep. He figured it was strep since Camden had just had it. He was in bed at 6:30 tonight! The doctor said the first strain we caught was just the cold/croup crap and now the strep. So hopefully Maeci and I don't get strep. Maeci is just dealing with cutting her last 3 eye teeth and one of her 2 year molars...she's a little grouchy!! At least she still sleeps great at night even though she is teething! I feel like all we have done around here is go to the doctor and take medicine! Thank god for great insurance! Hmmm wonder what my pharmacy bill is going to be with all this medicine we have been on!
It's so crazy for Camden to get sick twice in a couple months. Now that he is getting older and his immune system is built up he maybe has 1-2 colds a year. Maeci was always sick during her first year of life but that seems to be getting better. So hopefully we get better and get rid of these germs around here for awhile! Oh yeah I forgot to mention that kids are out of school now for the flu......oh the joys!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Every night we go through Camden's folder, go over his papers and talk about what he learned that day. After getting his homework and reading done we get everything back in his folder/bag for the next day. Every night before he goes to bed we tell him where and who will be dropping/picking him up from school the next day. We have to write a note to Mrs.Menke telling her that Cam will be riding the daycare bus after school. Brad was dropping off Cam this morning at school but he would have to go to daycare this afternoon. I was gone this morning before everyone got up and it totally slipped my mind to write the note for Camden today.(usually I do that at night) I called Brad to see how the morning went and he told me that Camden asked him if mom remembered to write the note for him to ride the daycare bus after school. Oops I totally forgot all about it. It's crazy though that he remembered a little thing like that and Brad and him were not even talking about it.... those little things to me are big things to him! It's not like he would be left alone at school because daycare knows the monthly schedule. I am sure Camden will let me know that I forgot this moring to write the note! Thank goodness Brad was home to take care of it! Oh well it happens! It's just crazy that he remembered that!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Well it's the start of the 3rd week of my new job and things are going great! We are still trying to get a routine down but for the most part it's going well. I will admit it's a huge change and I am exhausted by the time I get home after work. I am sure that will get easier as the weeks go on. The kids have adjusted well to it and don't seem to have any major problems. The only thing I notice with Maec when I pick her up from daycare is she is really tired! Probably because she don't like to take long naps at daycare. She will get used to that too and really it's not that bad! Thank goodness she is only there 2 or 3 days a week! Daycare said she is so good and such a happy little girl at.(That makes me feel good) Camden does fine and he actually loves going to daycare after school when Brad is working. He gets pretty tired too. At night both kids are in bed and sleeping by 7:30-7:45. Some mornings when I leave for work at 7:25 I don't see them because they are still sleeping. It's hard for me when I am used to being home most of the day with the kids. Overall it will just take some time for me to get adjusted to. Brad is pretty much when he is home on his days off during the week. He always has helped with housework and doing things with the kids, but now he does alot more. I am so thankful for him!:)

Here are a few other updates on the kiddos....

*16 months old
*She is my little devil!!! Oh boy she is naughty somedays!
*Likes to pick on her brother and get into all of his stuff just to make him mad. She will grab something of his and take off running!
*Starting to say more words. The things she does impresses me somedays.
*Loves to play/watch football. We will start yelling "go pack go" She starts clapping her hands, runs to get the football, runs to the tv and points at it. It's so cute.
*Loves to rock-a-bye her babies
*LOVES books especially if they have elmo in them. Yep she is definately an Elmo fan.
*Likes to dance
*A little chunk....I think she is going to be built like me.
*Starting to be a picky eater. She used to eat anything you put in front of her but that sure has changed!

*5 1/2 years old
*Loves school..Brad took him to the movies a couple weeks ago and they ran into one of his teachers in his room. She told Brad that Camden is very well behaved and does well in school....good to hear!!!
*Doing great on all of his papers he has been bringing home.
*Can be mouthy at times...especially at night when he is tired!
*Picks on his sister.Somedays he loves to do things with her and somedays he doesn't want her near him!
*Loves being outside
*Enjoys church...couple weeks ago www (wild worship wednesday) started. He loves going and enjoys telling me the bible story when he gets home. I am helping teach so most nights I already know the bible story.

Well that's about it for us.
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather! Happy Fall to everyone!!!!:)