Thursday, June 30, 2011


.....has been CRAZY BUSY at our house!!

I am having a hard time believing that the 4th of July weekend is approaching fast....ok so fast that it starts tomorrow! Crazy! Not sure when the past 2-3 months have gone! I always think that once the 4th is over the rest of the summer goes even faster...ugh!!

Anyways it's been so long since I have updated I am not even sure where to start.

Brad and I have been busy between work, running kids everywhere, weddings, weekend getaways, etc! Whew! I think we maybe have one or two weekends that are free until the end of August. I keep saying "Next summer won't be as busy!" Yeah pretty sure it actually gets worse every summer! Oh well I do like being busy but some days I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing!

Here is what has been going on with each of us.....

*Just was accepted into DRE school. He will have training down in Des Moines for a Month and training in Phoenix, Arizona for a week or so. Once he passes this school he will be a Drug Recognition Expert for the State of Iowa. He is very excited about this upcoming adventure!
*Still on the city council and keeping plenty busy with meetings, etc.
*He is home a couple days a week so he is always running the kids to kids klub, swimming, ballgames, etc. He also helped coach Cam's tball team this year.
*Here in a few weeks he is going out to Chicago to stay with Brandi and Jeff for a few days. He will be doing a ride along with under cover cop during his stay. The cop is actually good friends with Jeff and Brandi. I'm not so excited about this. The guy he is doing the ride along with I have seen on t.v. doing undercover work. So I have seen the area where he will be doing his ride along and it freaks me out!! The Phillies are playing at Wrigley while he is out there so he will be going to a game with Brandi and Jeff. (Brad is a phillies fan) They have season tickets right behind home plate and it will be pretty much all cubs fans?! I am guessing he might not want to wear Phillies!!
*We bought a new motorcycle in May so he has been trying to ride when he can. He says he wants to do some more riding but the weather doesn't always coroperate!

*My life the past month has consisted of working and running home after work (or having to leave work early) to pick up the kids, get them ready and scurry out the door to get to Cam's games. This happened 2-3 nights/week. It got a little crazy at times but we made it through it with no problems :)
*(Backing up a couple months)My wonderful hubby and kids bought tickets back in May for my friend Anne and I to see Tim was tons of fun!!!
* The end of May Brad and I were able to go to Altoona for the baptism of our goddaughter Clairie. We had a good time with the Sigwarths and were very honored to be there for Clairie's special day!
*Ready for the weeks to SLOW down. We have alot of upcoming plans/getaways in July/August/September that I am ready for but then again that means school will be fast approaching and we won't have many summer days left!
*Enjoying being able to make it to a few of my brothers bb games. He actually has been playing a few games close to us so it's been nice to go watch. He is a darn good catcher and having a pretty good year!
*Enjoying spending time with the kids outside, and going on bike rides. The weather hasn't been the greatest this summer but we try to get outside as much as possible!

*Graduated kindergarten the end of May. Wow it's really hard to believe he is going to be in 1st grade. We received his last report card and he did awesome!! His last dibels scores blew us away again.Very proud of him!
*Tball started the beginning of May and his last game was this past Tuesday. He told me the other night that "he is ready to sign up for next year!" The kid loves to play ball!!
*As Camden gets older I think he is going to start getting bored at daycare. As of right now he likes daycare and enjoys being there with all his friends. Our daycare has a kids klub every summer so I decided this summer to sign him up. He has it twice a week. One day of the week they stay in town and do something fun and the other day they take a field trip our of town. He LOVES it! A few of the field trips that I can remember have been: Nature Center, Mill Creek State Park, Cherokee Museum, Miniature golfing. It's a good way to keep the kids busy in the summer!
*Today he left for church camp. He really wanted to do the overnight camp but I wasn't so sure he was ready for that quite yet. We talked him into doing a day camp and next year we would allow him to do an overnight if he still wanted. He left this morning and we will go pick him up tonight. I am excited to hear about all his fun stuff he was able to do!
*Bible school next week....he always looks forward to this week!
*He is not ready for summer to be over but he is looking forward to the 1st grade.
*He is reading like crazy! Wow! He could read some words throughout the books but since the 2nds semester of Kindergarten he is really reading. He obviously needs help with some words but does well! It's nice because Maeci loves books so if I don't have time to read to her Camden will.
*This summer he is really enjoying riding his bike, playing with friends, and swimming!

*Awww this girl gives me a run for my money!! She is so stinkin' naughty somedays. She is also pretty loveable!! She can be a sweetheart with lots of hugs and kisses but if she is mad, watch out! Her attitude at this age is nothing like Cam at the age of 2. I have two completely opposite kids!
*She has no fear-She will do about anything!
*Mimicks everything Camden does!
*When she is mad watch out because she is going through another hitting stage. (It's not to bad but she is still doing it)
*Loves to drive her brother crazy! She always wants something he has and vice versa. It usually ends up in a fight...and Maec does NOT back down from her brother!
*She does love her brother and somedays they do get a long well. When he is not home she is always asking "Where's brother, Where's Tamden (Camden)?"
*Loves to draw with markers, read books, and ride her little bike!
*Literally OBSESSED with her babies. She sleeps with them and they go everywhere she goes. Usually she wants to take one or FOUR babies with where ever we go. I usually try to limit it to! She rocks and feeds them. The latest is she has to burp them! She is so funny sometimes!
*Talking like crazy! Her new favorite saying is "uh oh spaghettios"
*Brad told her the other day 5 times that she needed to go clean her room. The last time he told her she folded her arms together looked at him with a grouchy look and said "Fine" and she trudged down the hallway to her room! Lol! She is a pistol!!
*She can count to 10! One day we were counting and I thought she could just count to 5 but she kept counting to 10! She also knows a few of her colors. Blue, Purple, Red and Green
*Has another obsession-ELMO! She insist that she watch Elmo Pets a million times a day. The first thing she says when she gets up in the morning is "Watch Elmo Mommy?"

Well this is getting way to long so I am going to end it! I know I went back and forth between stuff but I just wrote it as it came to me. Hope everyone has a good 4th of July weekend!


......has been absolutely BUSY!!!