Monday, February 14, 2011

Officer's worst nightmare....

Last Friday Brad called me at work with some horrible news. An officer that works for the Sheldon Police Department (Obrien County) 17 year old daughter was killed in an accident. It's a nightmare to lose your daughter but also a nightmare for a dad/officer to be on duty that day and be the first on the scene. Brad has always told me this is one of his worst fears about his job. It has happened to someone that Brad works with and we are very saddened of the tragic loss of this young girl. Please pray for Officer Woods and his family during this difficult time. Pray that God will give them strength as they lay their daughter to rest tomorrow.
The weather is warming up and we are loving it in our house!! My kids were starting to go crazy being couped up inside all day when the temps were very cold!! I checked the weather and it's supose to be a high in the 50's a couple days this week...YAY!!! I am so sick of winter! The snow is melting fast with the warmer temps. My driveway was pure ice from all of our wonderful storms we have had....pretty sure I almost fell a handful of times! Yesterday with the nice temps Brad, Oz, Calee, and Camden chipped/shoveled off all the melting ice!
Anyways Spring is near and we are excited!

It seems lately that is non-stop going in our house! We have been SO busy!! Here's what been going on with the Stevens'-

*A couple weeks ago he had a two weekend camp for basketball. He had so much fun and learned alot! We were able to watch him play during half time at the HS game.
*His normal week is sooo busy...wrestling on Tuesday and Thursday night and church on Wednesday night. By the time Friday comes he is ready for a couple days too!! He does really well with his busy schedule :) He is already asking when soccer is going to start.....he is always on the go! I know he is only 5 but I can't imagine what it's like when he gets older. And we don't push him to do these things, it's his choice if he wants to do wrestling or not! Church he doesn't have much of a choice....he loves it so I have no problem getting him to go on Wednesday nights. Sometimes I feel for a 5 year old this is to much during the week but he doesn't have a problem with it!
*Doing great in school! It's conference time this week at school and Mrs. Menke sent a letter home and talked to Brad that she does not have to meet with us because he is doing great and she has no concerns...oh one listen a little better :)
*Camden has been asking on and off for me to have another baby...but it has to be a boy!! He does not really understand that we don't have a choice if it's a boy or girl. I think he is getting bored with his sister! I am a 100% sure there won't be anymore babies in our house...ok maybe not a 100% , maybe 80% sure! I get that baby itch every once in a while!
*He can't wait to be 6...I swear ever since the day after Christmas that's all he has talked about! It has slowed down a little bit but give it a couple weeks and he will be constantly asking about his birthday! I guess birthdays are a big thing to little kids. Not sure what we are doing for his birthday but this year I am going to try and make his birthday cake...yikes...hope he doesn't pick anything to hard for me to make!!

* She is my.......naughty, little, cute, devil, blue eyed, stinker, baby girl! Awww this girl gives me a run for my money! She is so naughty at times...her newest thing is spitting at you...yes spitting...nothing comes out of her mouth but just the action of spitting! Yep probably learned that at daycare! She is going through a stage of hitting and throwing some major! Oh well it's a stage and it will pass! I am just glad I didn't have 2 kids that had the terrible two's!
*Ok on to the good stuff..... She can be the sweetest little girl, likes to give lots of hugs and kisses! If someone gets hurt she is always there rubbing their head and saying " it k" (it's ok)
*Talking alot!
*Obsessed with babies!! She is always feeding and rocking her babies. When she is rocking her babies she always sings to them, more like hums some's so cute!!
*Potty time....about a week ago we introduced the potty to her. We are not pushing her but letting her get comfortable with knowing what it is, etc. If you push a kid it will be harder to get them trained! It's not an everyday thing we do right now but wanting her to get used to it. The other day she was standing in the front of the toilet trying to go potty like a boy...oh my..thinking she has watched Camden a time or two! She will say "potty, potty" and even though we are not really potty training we take her and sit her on the toilet!
*Toddler bed...yikes...yes we are going to be switching her over sometime soon! Camden was in a toddler bed at 20 months so we will be trying to see how Maec does! I told Brad I will be leaving the crib up just in case she doesn't do well in the bed! Not sure exactly when we will be doing it but sometime soon!

A couple weekends ago we celebrated Christmas with Brad's family in Des Moines at a hotel/waterpark. It was a great time and it was nice to see everyone!

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas at my house with my mom/family. The kids were excited to see everyone and we had a good time! The weekends go way to fast though!

Well that's about all for now.......Enjoy the warmer weather this week!! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Lombardi trophy is coming home!!


Wow, what a game last night!! We have a very happy house right now! I was SOOOOO nervous in the 2nd half when the Steelers were making a run and came within 3 points....pretty sure I couldn't quit shaking! I guess I would rather have a close/exciting game then a blowout game. Ok maybe a blowout(Packers being on top:) ) wouldn't have been so bad for my!!

I am already excited for next season! I think my husband is hoping he gets his season tickets this year...oh wait I should say my season ticket since it's in MY name!! We are on the list for one season ticket and also for 2 season tickets. His name is on for the 2 tickets and we might not get those til we are 60 yrs old.(the list is very long) As for the one season ticket we should either get that this year or next.(Although it may be longer now that they have won the super bowl...who would want to give up their tickets after just winning the super bowl!?! I sure wouldn't!) We actually got offered it this past season but turned it down because they were only offering the package for half the games and we wanted the full season! We will have to wait and see! GO PACK GO!!!!