Sunday, February 1, 2009

Camden's joke of the day:)

This morning I was making breakfast and Camden came up to me and said he had a joke to tell me. I said ok tell me the joke and it went like this
Camden-What is a snail called on a ship?
Me-I have no idea.
Camden-Mom it's called a snailor....and he is just dying laughing!
I have no idea where he got that but I am guessing from daycare or off a cartoon! It was kind of funny though especially when he was laughing so hard about it:)

Our weekend has kind of been a busy one. Yesterday Brad took Camden ice fishing with one of his friends and his little boy. Camden had fun but got a little impatient after awhile. They did end up catching some fish. Once they got home we were headed to Everly to watch NSK play BB. The girls have been having a very good season. I believe they are ranked 9th and are undefeated,16-0. It was close throughout the whole game. CCE was up 57-56 with 5 seconds left and one of our girls rebounded the ball after a missed free throw by CCE and whipped it down court to another girl and she shot it with one second left, game over NSK 58 CCE 57! Wow I was so fricking nervous! It was a great birthday present for Paul to win the game last night and stay undefeated!
Tonight is obviously Super Bowl! I am actually not that excited this year for it. There are alot of super bowl parties going on tonight but we are going to one of Brad's coworkers for the game. I am going for the Cardinals as I HATE the Steelers. Yep I will probably still wear some Packers attire today:)

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