Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I don't get some people.......

I am sure most of you have heard about the Algona convenient store shooting last night. A guy robbed the store, shot and killed the clerk. He then headed to Humboldt where he shot and killed another clerk at a convenient store. What was going through this person's head? Why didn't he just take the money, food, beer, or whatever he wanted? Instead he took a women's life. I am very frustrated and scared with all of this happening so close to home. Everyone says it doesn't happen in small towns. Well yes it sure does! I recently found out the victim was from Bancroft and kids go to NSK. I know of this family and one was in my brothers class. My heart and prayers go out to this family during this difficult time.

Everyone just say a prayer for these families that were involved in this tragedy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parent-teacher conferences

Well our first parent-teacher conferences for Camden went great! Mrs.Menke said he is doing well in school and loves to learn. He really is into the sounding out and learning to read more words. They do this phonics thing (not sure the exact word) with there hand movements while trying to learn letters/words. Camden is doing it all day long at home and is thrilled when he sees/hears a new word and he can sound it out. When he goes to bed at night we hear him reading his book and sounding out words! I just love seeing him do this! Makes me feel good that he is enjoying learning these things!
Mrs.Menke also told us about these 2 assements they do for reading(I believe it's for Title 1 reading) and one other thing I think is dibels?? They do different assesments in each grade depending on the age and what grade they are in. The average for his age/grade on each assesment is to score equal to or greater than 8. On Camden's first one he scored 25 points over the average (which is 8)...the best out of both kindergarten classes. The second one he score 12 points over the average. He will be assesed again in January and next May at a different level. In January assesment the average number he should get should go up to I think equal to or higher than 25. He has already passed that in his first assesment! That was great news to hear!!
Of course he has a few things to work on...like not talking so much! She said every student in her class needs to work on that! Overall he is doing great and we are very proud of him! His report card was good so he gets a reward of going to the book fair tonight to get some books:)