Thursday, January 29, 2009

21 weeks....

Today we had doctor appointment and everything went great. I am 21 weeks tomorrow. Camden went along today since we were doing the ultrasound. I was telling him on the way down that we would be seeing a picture of the baby. He was pretty excited to see the baby but his idea of a picture was alot different. Overall everything looks good though with the baby.
The week has actually gone pretty fast with tomorrow being Friday...YAY!! It seems like I have been busy at work this week so the week seems to go faster. Brad has also been busy at work and has finished up doing our taxes this week. We are not doing anything exciting with our tax return but putting it in savings....woohoo...I am sure I could find better stuff to do with it:) Actually we want to save up to start adding on/redoing the house!!
Camden has had his normal week of going to school and daycare. He was pretty excited because he got to wear his pj's to school on Wednesday! This week he learned about strangers. He came home and was telling me everything we should do if a stranger comes up to us or tries to take us! Today he got to pick out his valentines for preschool and daycare and is very excited to give one to his girlfriends!:)
Have a good weekend!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Why do weekends go so fast?

It was pretty much a normal weekend for us. Brad had the weekend off so Friday night we went to the South O'Brien BB game with some friends of ours. The boy's team is undefeated in the conference and Friday's nights game was supose to be a goodone! The whole game was pretty close and the Wolverines came away with the win. Let me tell you I was getting nervous toward the end of the game with the score being so close. Go figure, most of you know that's how I get during games especially if Ozzie and Brett are the ones playing:)
Saturday all day we pretty much watched some BB on tv and cleaned the house. Cleaning is never ending in our house! Saturday night we had some friends over after supper to hang out for awhile. The kids ran wild and played hard all night! Where do they get there energy? I wish I had half the energy they do:)
Sunday was a day to do nothing! I like those days! Brad had to help with Super Shooters up at the school so Camden and I went up and watched that for awhile. It's a basketball competition for kids and the 1st-3rd place get to go to state. It nice for the Jaycees to put this on for kids. Camden played BB for awhile afterwards and then when we went home he wanted his basketball hoop brought in the house so dad and him could play!
One last thing.....
When we bought Bandit last March as a puppy he did not shed to much. The last couple months he has been shedding so bad. Ok it's probably not that bad compared to some dogs but it drives me nuts to have dog hair all over my house and furniture! Yeah I know I shouldn't let him be on the furniture but oh well. (Once I get new furniture he won't be able to be on it.) I vacuum 1-2 times/week and our vacuum is a decent one but just doesn't do the job to get rid of the dog hair! The dog hair really isn't that bad but enough to drive me nuts.
So Brad and Camden went to Sears Saturday morning and bought the new high tech Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner. I didn't know much about them until Brad came home awhile ago and was telling me about this vacuum. At the time he was telling me I didn't think to much about it.
It comes with 3-4 other attachements and one is to use on furniture. My floors don't look dirty but after using this vacuum cleaner in my living room I about died at what came out of my floors. This vacuum cleaner has such high power that it was sucking everything out of my carpets! It brought up more than just the dog hair. I really didn't think it was going to be this great, but WOW I am amazed at what this vacuum does! So I am glad that it is worth the money....I was a little worried until I saw what it did! Ok sorry I am talking about vacuum cleaners but I got really excited about it..HAHA:) Have a good week!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Why can't the cartoons now days be like the cartoons back in my day! Some of the cartoons I used to watch have been remade or whatever you call it and are back on television now, but it's still not the same. Some of my favorites were: Care Bears, Inspector Gadget, The Smurfs, Pinky and the Brain, Top Cat, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, etc. I could keep going but there are so many! There are some cartoons that are on now that are good and decent. I find myself watching cartoons or at least listening to some of them while Camden is watching them! I can't believe some the stuff they say on some of them. For instance Spongebob is not a very good cartoon at all, but I do let Camden watch it. He LOVES Spongebob and probably has seen every episode 10 times and can tell you what is going to happen during the show! He might watch a little to much tv. But I have found myself listening to more of what the Spongebob shows are about and wow I about died. I really do not like it when Spongebob is saying That's so stupid, or Let's get naked, etc. Camden has come to me before and said Spongebob just said stupid and that's a naughty word, at least he knows better. I have also noticed that there are many sexual comments that Camden probably wouldn't catch on to but adults can figure out! We have some friends that do not let there kids watch Spongebob and some friends that do! Not every episode is that bad but I have seen many that I do not care for! Spongebob is not the only one but Camden just happened to be watching it when I started thinking about this! Some cartoons he watches are very good and some actually teach him things. I think to myself that yes he does or probably will hear all this stuff somewhere else. I believe this is how young children learn this crap and then if you throw in the shows that have violence makes it even worse. The shows that have violence is leading to teaching kids all about it and that is why we have all these shootings, stabbings, etc in the world! I think I will stop now as I don't want to have to go off about violence! No I do not believe I will take away certain cartoons but I am definetly going to limit how much he watches them! So like I said at the beginning of this post I wish we had cartoons like I used to watch!

Friday, January 23, 2009

So glad today is Friday.....

I love friday's! Especially when it's Brad's weekend off. I went into work this morning at 8:00 and was home by 10:00! I didn't have much to do at work so I decided to start the weekend early!
What happened to the nice weather we had the past couple of days? It was so nice to be outside and actually have decent weather for Camden to play outside longer than he has been. But here we go again with the cold crappy weather. We went to sheldon to get some groceries this morning after I got off work and the wind was creating some good size drifts. The state crews were out blocking areas of the road so they could blow the snow into the opposite ditch. In some places along the road the snow was piled so high, it was crazy! I think the way I am saying it sounds worse than it actually is. If it blows all night then that could be a problem. We were supose to go to the NSK/CCE basketball game tonight but Connie called and said school were letting out back home and the game was cancelled. I wouldn't say it's terribly bad down here so I don't think school will be letting out. If they don't cancel the South O'Brien BB game tonight we are heading down there to that. I guess it's supose to be a big conference game. One of our friends is the boys basketball coach. If we don't go to that I think we are going to take Camden to a movie! He loves going to movies and does pretty well through the whole thing. The last one he went to with Brad was Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa. He liked that movie but I think the first Madagascar was better!
Camden is getting very sick of this weather too. He said to me "when all this snow melts we can go swimming again and go for walks." I think he is getting sick of winter just as much as I am! I plan on taking him to an indoor waterpark one of these weekends but I haven't got around to it yet! Well hope you all have a good weekend and stay warm!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing with shaving cream.....kept him busy! It's actually an activity in many daycares. It sounds crazy and obviously can only let kids old enough to do this. He had fun drawing things in the shaving cream and just getting his hands dirty....Way to much fun!
Messing around in dad's work hat!

He got sick of painting pictures and wanted to make a hand print of his hand with paint and then it turned into this. I didn't care, he was having to much fun!

It was another one of those weekends with not alot going on,which was nice because it seems like the weekends have been kind of busy for us. Brad worked all weekend and Camden and I just hung out at home. Brad had a busy day on Saturday with the blowing and drifting snow, once again he wasn't to thrilled by the time he got home for supper with all the idiot drivers! I think the only time I left the house was to run to the grocery store and to go outside today and play in the snow with Camden, finally the weather hit the 30's! Sounds like the next couple days are supose to be nice and in the 30's!YAY!

I posted some pics from this past week.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sick of the cold!

This weather is getting so old and I am ready for spring/summer!! I can't believe how cold it was this morning when we got up. I am so thankful I didn't have to leave the house today or have to take Camden out in the cold. Sounds like tomorrow is suppose to be alot better with a high of 22....Yes it's still cold but better than -26! Next week we are supose to have temps reaching 38 degrees, it's going to be a heat wave for us:) Schools have pretty much cancelled school all week due to the snow and wind we have been getting and today cancelling because it was SOOO cold! I am sure the kids love not having to go to school now but wait til they have to make up these snow days and go longer into the summer.
YAY tomorrow is Friday. I do not believe we have much planned for the weekend. Brad has to work a one to one shift all weekend so we won't see much of him. I am sure Camden and I will find something to do! Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So this morning I got up early to come to work because we had an early surgery. I was getting ready and remebered we can't wear rings when working in surgery or we just have to put tape over them. I got my 2 rings off of my right hand but OMG I can't get my wedding ring off. I have tried lotion, windex, ice, etc. I noticed my fingers swelling a little with fluid but figured I could still get my rings off since they were not that bad. Well I guessed wrong! I have tugged at it all morning and it's really swollen now with all the pulling I have done. I am freaking out because if I can't get them off and my fingers swell and get bad I will have to get the ring cut off!!!! AAHHHHH! So any if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pictures from this past weekend

Camden with his new flashlight and Hulk wristbands he got from my mom as one of his presents. Everytime we go to my moms he loves her flashlight and of course not one that we have here so my mom bought him one like hers and he loves it. Tonight he shut off his light and was looking for bugs in his room. I told him I hope there was no bugs in his room and he said mom I am just pretending I am outside looking for bugs. His wristbands he also loves....he had to wear them to bed last night.
They boys....Brett looks evil with his play gun!

Gma Brenda playing Candyland with Cassie and Camden.....(Cam's favorite game)

Brad and Mike at my Christmas party.....Yeah by this point they had their fair share of beer! :)

Christmas Party.....Mike and Anne

Christmas Party.....Cory and Rose

Playing in the snow......He loves baseball so we have to play it when we go outside even though there is snow on the ground! I think he takes after the boys and there love for baseball!

Busy Weekend

This weekend went way to fast and it's Monday, uggghhhh! Friday I was off of work so we went to Spencer for dinner, shopped, and got some groceries. Friday night we headed to Paullina to visit with Mike, Anne and baby Tristyn. We didn't stay long since the weather was starting to get kind of crappy. Camden always has a good time when we are at there house because they have 3 older boys he likes to play with. He was playing in there kitchen and he came in the living room with his hand over his head and said he bonked his head on the table. I didn't think it would be that bad since he wasn't crying but holy cow did he have a huge goose egg and it was instantly black and blue. He was a trooper and never cried. Thank goodness he doesn't have pictures anytime soon:)
Saturday we layed around all day and that night we had my work Christmas party. We had a nice supper and then after supper they had Karaoke for everyone. It was a fun night to go out with some of our close friends. By the time we left it had been snowing again and I being the only sober one had to drive home on the crappy roads.
Sunday we had Christmas with my mom at my house. Buzz, Tab, Cassie,Ozzie, and Brett also came down to have Christmas with us. We grilled burgers, watched football, and opened presents. Camden and Cassie were running wild as Buzz, Ozzie, and Brett kept shooting them with Nerf guns. It was fun to have everyone down here and it was nice that I wasn't the one to have to drive home..HA!....(Yes Buzz I enjoyed my nap after you guys left....HA!)
Through the night last night we got some more snow and today it's blowing like crazy and pretty much in Blizzard conditions! Brad went to work at 1:00 today and I am sure he will not enjoy working today in this weather. I am not sure how much snow we received throughout the weekend but it seemed like alot and I think we are supose to get more snow the next 3 days! That pretty sums up our weekend. I will post some pictures of the weekend later today or tomorrow.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Thursday, January 8, 2009

So glad the work week is over......

It's hard to go back to your normal work schedule after you are used to vacations due to the holidays. Even though I only work 4 days a week and only work usually til noon it was tough going back to work this week and try and get back to normal. Today I just had to go in for a meeting and now my weekend has started. This week there was not alot going on. Tuesday I had an 18 week checkup and everything was good and baby is doing good. I am starting to get some fluid so I am not thrilled about that. I got it with Camden when I was 7 months pregnant, so this one I am starting it a little earlier. It's not bad right now but I have to watch it since I had high blood pressure and protein when I was pregnant with Camden. I just have this feeling already that I will not be making it til my due date if I am starting this already! In 4 weeks we have another appointment and ultrasound. We can find out what we are having in we choose too. Yep with this one I think I want to know and Brad is not so sure yet. So who knows what we will do. If we do find out we will not be telling anybody! HA!
This week is Camden's first week back to school and he was ready for it. Everyday he was asking me when it was time to go back to school. He is so excited because next week he is the snack leader and he gets to be the line leader and do other things for 3 days. It must be something pretty cool. Last night was also our first night back to Sunday school in awhile.
This weekend we have my Christmas party on Saturday night and then on Sunday we will be having Christmas with my mom down here.
I think today I am going to spend the day cleaning and get that out of the way so I don't have to do it this weekend! Have a good weekend!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Boring Weekend....

This weekend for us consisted of laying around the house and watching football. Brad had to work overnights all weekend so Cam and I didn't do alot. Yesterday morning we started getting some more of the lovely winter weather consisting of freezing rain. Brad and I had a funeral to go to yesterday afternoon and it was pretty icy out. (Our thoughts and prayers are with the Tom Raymond family with the lose of his father.) Today I got up and was getting ready for church and Camden also was supose to have his Sunday school church program during service today and I got a phone call that it was cancelled again due to weather. Which was probably a good thing because some of the kids would have to drive from out of town and it was pretty icy this morning. The rest of the day has consisted of watching football and doing laundry. We are hoping the Vikings get beat today! GO EAGLES!!! Well hope everyone has a good week as it's back to work!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just WRONG!!!!

I was watching 20/20 last night and the last part of the show was about breastfeeding and when you should stop breastfeeding your child. Well my opinion is nursing should last no longer than a year old! I plan on trying to nurse this next baby but only plan on doing it for 3-6 months. There were mothers on there last night that were still nursing there children(not babies) at the ages of 5 and even as old as 8. Absolutely disgusting!!! And to top it off these mothers didn't care if they did it in public or not. They said it was a way to bond and comfort there children. My gosh there is other ways to comfort and to bond with your children at that age. I hardley could watch the show because it was just gross seeing an 8 yr old hanging off a mothers breast. Maybe some will disagree with me but I am sure many will also agree with me.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

He looks so thrilled in this picture. They made hats and celebrated New Year's at daycare!
Playing his new game Hungry Hippo!

Presents, presents, and more presents!

Going out for New Year's

Opening presents from Gma and Gpa Stevens

It's hard to believe that it is now officially 2009. This past year for our family went by very fast for us. We celebrated the new year going out for a nice supper with 2 other couples and then hung out at a bar and celebrated afterwards. I actually made it past midnight this year to ring in the New Year. Overall it was fun going out and hanging out with friends! New Years Day we headed to a Hawkeye party at our friend's house to cheer on the Hawks. There were lots of people, lots of good food and the Hawks came away with a win. Shortley after the game we headed to Sioux City to see Mike and Anne's new baby girl, Tristyn. She is so cute and so tiny! Camden wasn't so sure about Anne having girl considering he is used to their 3 boys! After visiting for awhile we headed home last night and I was so tired and asleep on the couch by 8:30!
I posted a few pics of Christmas last weekend and some of New Year's.