Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is a friends dog Doc pulling Camden in a sled looking thing today. This thing is used to get dogs excercise and strengthen muscles. This is a very smart lab and has done well in a couple hunting competitions.
Cam enjoying the day riding his bike!


Why are there so many sick and cruel people in this world! I read the news way to much...foxnews is a website I read daily to keep up on everything going on in this world. Lately I have been reading alot about children being abused, abandoned, and killed....so sad. The most recent article I read was about a mother that put her adopted 9 and 11 year old in a freezer. She kept there bodies in a freezer for 7 months until she was caught by police. During this 7 months she moved miles away and took the bodies with her in the move.....just sick!!! Awhile back there was an article about a 2 month old fussy baby that was put in the microwave because the parents couldn't take all the crying...what the hell?? I also read about a mother that just had a baby and didn't want it so she just left it on a gravel road....this is what safe havens are for!!! These are just a couple stories I have read and there are many more. What are these parents thinking? These types of parents should not be having kids or if they do and they can't take being a parent give the kids up for adoption so they have a chance at life! These are innocent children having to suffer! I have a very strong opinion on this stuff and feel so bad for children like this. This is why someday I want to be a foster parent and try to help kids like this! I just don't understand how people could do something so terrible like that to there children. Obviously they can't take being parents or have stuff that is more important in there life than there own children.....uggghhhhh!!!!! Ok I am done venting......Have a good night!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ear Infection??

So I never heard of a Dog getting ear infection or maybe I guess I just never thought of it. Bandit has been sleeping all the time for the last week and that is sooo not like him as he is usually very active. Today he was still not acting like himself so Brad took him to the vet and he has ear infection in both ears. Boy I have dealt with alot of ear infections but with my son not my dog!!! I guess dogs can get about anything a person can get. So we get to give him amoxicillin 2x/day! Flash backs of when I had to give Camden that same damn medicine until he came allergic to it. At least for now I am done dealing with ear infections with Camden. Since he has had tubes again and his tonsils and adenoids out he has been doing really good!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The weekend went to fast..........

Well it's back to work tomorrow. I feel like this weekend went way to fast! We didn't do a whole lot but just relaxed. Friday we went back to Swea and spent the afternoon at Buzz's place. They were working on getting stuff ready for harvest. Camden thought that was pretty cool but said he did not want to get so dirty like Papa, Buzz and Gpa Beadle. They were covered in grease. Yea it's crazy but Camden does not like to get real dirty! He does like to play in the dirt but he was for sure not going to get as dirty as they were:)

We went to a football game down here in Primghar on Saturday morning. Jordan's little brother played down here and also my friends boy was playing. When I got to the game it was a nice suprise to see my cousin Gene and his wife Misty. There son Tyler was playing down here also. I have not seen them in probably 3 years. The rest of the weekend Cam and I just relaxed! Brad had to work overnights all weekend so he slept most of the day when he was not working. It was a crappy weekend for football in our household....Packers and Hawkeyes both got beat! Hopefully they play better next weekend! Well hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Oz going in for the TD

These are just a couple pics from before the game

Well the eagles came away with a W tonight agaisn't AR!! 34-14. It was such an exciting game and if most of you know how I am I get so nervous at big games....and yes I was so nervous tonight I could hardley sit still!! I think I am going to wake up with a sore throat tomorrow with all the yelling I did!! All the boys were fired up and played a great game. Brett had a good game as did Ozzie. Ozzie came away with a couple of sweet catches in the endzone for touchdowns. I believe he had 3 touchdowns! Brett also did very well on kickoffs and defense! AR and NSK have great football programs and some pretty good talent on there teams. Overall it was a great FB game to watch! Well I am off to bed.....I prob won't be able to get to sleep because I am still wired from the game..........oh yeah fairmont sentinel has an article from the game......

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ring of Fire

So my son is obsessed with the song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash....thanks to his dad!! Brad for some reason bought this CD(maybe because he watched the Johnny Cash movie Walk the Line movie...i think that's what it's called.) So everytime in the car we had to listen to it! One weekend Camden and I were going back to Swea City for the weekend and I bet we had to listen to that song 20 times on the way home...boy was I sick of it. He would sing along with the song and he pretty much has the chorus memorized and would just repeat lines after Johnny Cash would sing it! It was kind of cute but got way old. So I was playing music this morning off of my Limewire and Ring of Fire is on there and we just had to listen to it. I tried to get a movie clip to put on here of him singing it but of course as soon as I tried to do that he wouldn't so I got a couple pics of him singing and playing his guitar! I think Brandi will recall listening to that song a few times on the way to spencer one day when she was down here:)

I had today off from work, didn't do much but a little cleaning. Camden made a leaf picture frame from some leaves that I picked up from outside....so that kept him entertained for awhile!!

Cam and I are heading to Swea tomorrow for the big game.........Until next time....Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

So I was just filling out my calender with things that we have going on and realized christmas is 3 months away....holy cow...where did this year go?? It will be here before we know it!! For us the next 3 months will go fast....i thought we wouldn't have much going on this fall/winter but I think it's going to be busy for us......In a couple of weeks Brad and I are going to Omaha to see Rascal Flatts. Brad bought me the tickets as an early birthday present. I am soooo excited!! Brad is going to the Iowa/Wisconsin game in October and then we will be going to the dome to watch the packers/vikings and then to Lambeau to a game at the end of November! My gosh I didn't realize it was going to be this busy!! And on top of that Brad is going to start hunting this year. Everytime we go home and when we are at my dads Brad enjoys going out shooting guns with the boys and dad. So they are excited to go hunting with him when we go home. So since he is going to start hunting he had to buy a new gun. So I am sure in his free time and weekends off he will be hunting! So with all that it's going to be busy for us....i should never say things are going to slow down for us because there is always something going on!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Game....

Top picture is Brett #61 and the bottom picture is Oz #4(yea they are both #4 but he is the one making the catch!)
This friday is a big game for the boys as they will be playing #2 undefeated AR. We are also ranked #3 and undefeated!! So this is going to be a huge W for us!! We will be heading back to Swea on friday for the big game. Camden is going to be staying with grandma so I actually can watch the game. He usually does pretty good at games but they are expecting lots of people so it's better that he stays with gma!! I am sure he will have just as much fun at gma's house! The boys have been doing very well this year and I am very proud of there accomplishments......GO EAGLES!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a busy weekend!!!

Yeah our weekend was very busy....Friday night Camden and I and some of our friends went to the South O'Brien homecoming football game. We lasted til about the 3rd quarter then it was time to go home....the game was so boring!! We were sitting in the stands and all of sudden Camden stands up and starts yelling "Go Hawks, Go Hawks." Yea he thought we were watching the Hawkeyes play! Yeah he wasn't to thrilled when I told him we were watching the Wolverines. He said to me "but they have black jerseys on mom and it's the Hawkeyes." He was so funny!!! I guess he is a true Hawks fan! Saturday we got together with a bunch of friends and watched the Hawks play....stinks that they lost! Saturday night we got together with some other friends and had a camp fire and the kids ran wild. Camden was so tired last night by the time we got home...i don't think he got up til almost 10:00 this morning. Today is just a relaxing day for us as we are getting ready for the big Packers/Cowboys game tonight! Camden knows when its Packers game day because he has to wear his packers clothes. His dad and him have been playing football all morning! GO PACK!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So a few updates from the summer......

What a busy summer we have had and it is already coming to an end....yea the snow will be here before we know it! We were on the go constantly during the summer and it has finally started to slow down for us which I am glad but still not ready for this chilly weather! Our summer was filled with with many exciting things to do. We spent many days at the pool swimming, going to play at the park, and going to some aquatic parks. We also had many trips back to Swea City to watch the boys play baseball. We also loved spending time up at the lakes on the weekends but didn't get to be up there as much as we would of liked. The end of July we spent a week down in Des Moines watching the boys play in the state baseball tournament and they ended up being state champions. We also got to spend time with family and my friends Kim, Troy, and Drew. It was a fun week and Camden had tons of fun watching his uncles bring home a state championship!! The whole week after the boys won Camden would say "state champs" It was cute but don't really think he understood what that meant:) After the week down in Des Moines we headed to Wisconsin for a little vacation at my aunt,uncle,and cousins house. It was a great time being with the family. My aunt Jo, Ozzie, Brett, Jordan V, and Jordan R ended up coming up too so we all had a great time. We spent many hours laying by the lake, jet skiing, and just chatting around the fire about old times! Camden loved being up there and had alot of fun....but would not go into the lake water......yea I believe it was either Brett or Kasea that said the fish would eat him so he wanted nothing to do with the water...Thanks guys!! So instead of the lake he enjoyed the slip and slide and the hot tub! It is always a great time when you go to wisconsin!
About 3 weeks ago my sister Brandi came to visit for a couple days. Camden was so excited his Auntie Brandi was coming. We didn't do a whole lot but sat around and chatted! We went back to Swea City that friday for the Oz and Brett's football game. They came away with a win and both had a good game. Next weekend we are headed home again for the big AR/NSK football game. It should be an exciting one. AR is rated 2nd and we are 3rd(at least that is what is was a week ago).
Camden started preschool 3 weeks ago and so far he loves it. He goes 3 days a week and he would love to go everyday if he could. The days he doesn't go he always asked me why he can't go to preschool today? Yeah give it a few year and we will be dragging his butt out of bed because he won't want to go to school. So far he is doing good in school and everyday he comes home with something new he learned or is singing a new song. He has also started sunday school this year. At our church we have wild worship wednesday and that is actually sunday school for us instead of on sundays. It seems to bring more kids on wednesdays than on sundays. I also got ropped into helping teach this year! Well that is pretty much the recap of our summer. I have also enclosed some pics of our summer!:)

4 day weekend

A four day weekend...YAY....I took friday off of work and always have thursdays off. So I was thinking I wasn't going to do anything all weekend and just relax...yea that's not happening. I got in the cleaning mood today and wow am I ever cleaning. I started cleaning Camden's room and started cleaning closets and dresser drawers out...yea I hate doing that but it needs to be done...I don't know where I got the motivation to start doing that!!!! So hopefully that keeps up so I can get more rooms done today!! Brad and I are heading to Sioux City tomorrow to do some shopping....Saturday we are headed to a friends house to have a BBQ and play sand volleyball. So my 4 day relaxing weekend turned into a busy weekend ahead!! Well back to cleaning!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Talked into it.....

Ok so I just starting this blogging experience. My friend blogs and has talked me into starting one. I think it will be a fun way to write about our life and experiences! So I am just starting to figure out how to do this so bare with me!!:)