Sunday, December 28, 2008


Aunt Jo.....she is hilarious!!!:) I got some videos of her dancing around to the Christmas music but I know she reads this and I am sure she would probably kill me if I posted them on here:)
Do you see the red ball looking thing in Brett's left arm? It's kind of used for a hot potato game. Instead of just losing when the potato is still in your hand, with this ball you get a shock and I guess it don't feel to good! I never touched it because I was a chicken. The boys, Brandi, Buzz, and dad played it and it was hilarious when someone would get shocked! I got some pretty funny videos of them playing!

Presents at Gma and Gpa Beadle's

Gma and Gpa Beadle

The fam minus Brad

Camden and Cassie

Camden and T

Opening Santa presents with Brandi at dad's

Yes, I finally got a video game!!! Santa came to Camden's house

Opening Santa presents

The weekend is coming to end and back to work tomorrow....thank goodness I only usually work til noon! I have finally gotten the house organized and all the Christmas stuff pretty much put away. Friday we ran to Spencer to see if we could get any after Christmas sales and I found a few things but of course people were crazy and I was annoyed...imagine that! Saturday afternoon Brad's parents came down and we had our Christmas together. Camden was thrilled as he once again was spoiled rotten! That night we all went uptown for Prime Rib...YUM!!! We were all very tired by the time we got home and Paul and Connie headed home after we had supper. We have one more Christmas in a couple weeks with my mom. Sunday late morning we decided to go to Sioux City to do some shopping and exchange a few presents. Once again I should of known better that there was going to be 10 million people shopping today! Luckily I was trying to be patient with people and I made it through the day without yelling and saying anything to anybody! The one nice thing about today was that is was a beautiful day! We shopped all afternoon and I am exhausted and ready to head to bed! Well that pretty much sums up our weekend. This week we will be celebrating a new year. It is hard to believe that this year is coming to an end and we will be starting 2009!

I posted some pics of Christmas last week. I took tons of pics but I just posted a few. I still need to download the ones from this weekend.


Aaron or Jamie said...

Nice picture of my mom! I think we need to keep her away from the alcohol. Sorry we didn't get to see you guys. :( The swing is at my moms.

Scott Nelsen said...

photos of Jo dancing around would make my week... come on brooke, post 'em!

Brooke Stevens said...

She was so funny on Christmas! The video I have of her is a short one and not that bad but she would probably still kill me if I posted it on here!