Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today we had another doctor appointment in Sioux City. Everything was fine and we got to hear the babies heart beat for a short time because baby was being stubborn and moving so it was hard to hear it but according to the monitor it had strong heartbeat! The nurse said it must be a stubborn boy not wanting us to hear the heart beat for a longer time. Of course we don't care if we get a boy or girl, we just want it to be healthy. Camden and I are saying boy and Brad wants a girl. I am also officially past the first trimester and everything had gone well....and I didn't gain much weight the first 3 months...YAY!!!! I know the weight is coming though. I am definetly getting the pregnancy belly. With Camden I popped out pretty fast in the belly and with this one I am doing the same.
Not much else going on this week. I finished my chirstmas shopping yesterday and all the presents are wrapped and under the tree! It's a relief to have that done. Tomorrow we are going home for the day to have supper with Stac for Brett and Buzz's birthdays. It should be a good time.
Have a good weekend!


Aaron or Jamie said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. Isn't nice to hear that heartbeat? :) You switched doctors, right? Weren't you in Orange City with Camden?

Brooke Stevens said...

Yeah its always a sigh of relief to hear it! Yeah we had Camden in Orange City. The doc in Sioux City is the one I was referred to do my surgery with earlier this year and I am very happy with him so we decided to doc with him through this pregnancy. Orange City is closer and I really liked my doc there but just decided to stick with the one in Sioux City since I have been seeing him for the awhile!

Scott Nelsen said...

Glad to hear all is well! Stubborn kid... must take after his mom :)

Brooke Stevens said...

Yeah that is what Brad would say....he thinks Camden takes after me too......HA!