Friday, December 5, 2008

How hard is it to find black shoes?? AHHHHH

Camden's preschool concert is next wednesday night and I have been looking for black dress shoes for him for over a week. I seriously have looked in 3 different Walmarts, Kohls, Childrens Place, JcPennys,Target and Payless. Everywhere I went had black shoes just not a size 10 or 10 1/2 in little boys. They had everything else but those sizes. Yeah I was getting pretty pissed. His outfit is dress pants with a shirt and tie so he needed dressy black shoes!! How stressful is it just trying to find a frickin pair of shoes! Well my last hope was trying Spirit Lake Walmart on the way to Swea today otherwise I was going to have to run back to Sioux City. Well walmart had one pair of size 10 black shoes left, thank goodness!! Geez it was stressful!!!
Also I got my christmas cards in the mail today. This is the first time, maybe second time that I have done my own christmas cards. Usually we have professional pictures taken and I have them order them. This year I just took a few snapshots and used those for the cards. So I did the order myself and when I got them today I so do not like them. The original photos are not dark but once I got the card today the pictures on the cards turned out dark!! I don't know if I did something or if Walmart did something! I was going to go through all the BS to send them back and redo them but I think I am going to save myself the stress and just use them and send them out. So yeah needless to say I am not happy about them!!!
Anyways I am done complaining, I think it's just the day today! We are at dad's now and going to celebrate Brett's birthday tonight!

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