Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Green Bay Weekend!

ChuckE Cheese....I think he is going to have a pretty good shot!
Playing video games at Chuck E Cheese

Playing miniature golf. Our hotel had mini golf and a 2 lane mini bowling.

Hotel Video arcade

At Lambeau atrium playing games

Hall of Fame

Camden at the Hall of Fame. Donald Driver#80 is his favorite. All weekend everytime he saw something with #80 on it he got so excited. He ended up getting a Driver jersey. We missed getting Driver's autograph by a day. He was going to be signing autographs with his new book today. It would of been pretty cool if Cam would of got to meet him!

Kid Zone in the Hall of Fame. THis is Camden tailgating.

Attempting the Lambeau leep

Kicking the ball

Hall of Fame

Camden in the Packer's Hall of Fame

Camden at Lambeau Field

Hall of Fame

Camden and Brad coming out of the tunnel

Camden by the Vince Lombardi statue outside the atrium

Our trip to Green Bay was tons of fun. Camden had a blast and still is talking that he got to see Lambeau field. We took off Friday and stayed in Oshkosh which is only about 45 minutes from Green Bay. It was a long drive for us. Camden could not understand why it was taking so long to get to Lambeau Field. Saturday morning we got up early and headed for Green Bay and stayed the rest of the weekend at a hotel there. Right when we got into town we drove past Lambeau Field and you should of seen Camden's eyes....they were huge! Brad went and got us tickets to tour the field and go to the Hall of Fame. We went on our tour and Camden wasn't so interested in the lady talking and telling us facts on Lambeau, he just wanted to go out on the field. Well that time came when we got to walk out of the packers tunnel onto the field. Camden was so amazed....He said "this is so cool." After the tour we went to the Hall of Fame and Camden loved that too. Brad and I have been in there a couple times so it wasn't to new to us. After the tours it was time to eat, shop, and play. We enjoyed lunch at Curley's Pub and got to watch some of the packers players leaving the stadium from the window seat we had at Curley's. Then Camden was off to the video arcade and kid area. He had a blast there and was hard to get him away from there. The rest of Saturday we did alot of shoppping and hanging out in the atrium at the field. I think we all have enough packers attire for the next year:) I love shopping in Green Bay!!! We hit some pretty good after thanksgiving sales! Sunday we decided the weather was cold and it was supose to start snowing during the game so we decided not to buy another ticket for Camden to go to the game. Camden and I dropped Brad off early that morning at the bars and at noon he went to the game. Camden and I hung out at the hotel, went out for lunch, and did some more shopping. We had to go pick Brad up after the game. They ended up losing in the final minutes of the game. Yeah my husband was not happy, I knew I would have to listen to it the rest of the night! By the time he got back to the truck the snow was coming down pretty good. Our hotel was only a mile away and it took us over an hour to get back with the traffic jam after the game and the roads were getting horrible. We were in a winter weather warning. We got back to the hotel and an hour or so later we decided to run to Walmart and take Camden to ChuckE Cheese. Yeah 4 hours after the game the traffic and roads were still aweful but we only had to go a couple miles. We enjoyed a fun night at ChuckE Cheese and it was back to the hotel to get packed up and ready to leave Monday morning. Monday morning we headed out and the roads were still crappy but not as bad as the night before. It was along drive home and by the time we got here we were all very happy to be home. So all in all we had a very good weekend! I posted alot of pics of our weekend! I couldn't decide which ones to post so there are a bunch. I probably should of done a slide show but oh well. Enjoy!

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