Sunday, December 21, 2008

Boring, Boring, Boring

View from our backyard of the snowy weather!
Playing in the snow!

Gosh this weekend was one of those weekends when I wanted to leave the house and go do something but the weather of course stopped that. Friday afternoon after the roads cleared up Camden and I were able to run to Spencer to do a little shopping and hit JcPenny's big sale:) Yeah I love to shop! Saturday morning we woke up and it was snowing yet again and probably got another 3 inches of snow and then the wind came up and that is why we have been in a blizzard warning all weekend. The temps are FREEZING here. Brad has had to work all weekend and he has been overly busy with the weather. Crappy weather=dumb drivers that think they can go out in a blizzard=an accident or going in ditch! Brad ended up having to get the SUV out and drive around because his squad car was not doing so good since the plows had not been out in town. Camden managed to get outside yesterday late morning to play before the winds came up so he was happy to get out for awhile. Otherwise we have been playing games, watching Christmas movies, and I am sure we have played go fish at least 50 times:) Camden is hoping to have preschool tomorrow so he can have his christmas party. Tonight Camden was supose to have his Sunday school program but of course that had to get cancelled too! Well I hope you all are staying warm! I think we are going to spend the day baking!

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Aaron or Jamie said...

It looks so pretty Brooke! What's not to like? Ha, Ha!