Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Cassie, Camden, and Stac....nice face Camden!

Brett and his cake.He probably will kill me for posting this picture.
Tab, Cassie, and Camden....I am so glad Camden gets a haircut this week....he is in need of one.

Oz and Buzz...of course they wouldn't look at the camera....Buzz probably was teasing the kids.
Camden and I headed back to Swea on Friday afternoon to celebrate and have supper for Buzz's 30th birthday(Dec.21st) and Brett's 16th birthday. We went up town to LaRows for pizza and cake. This was Stac's idea and Brett was freaking out that she was going to embarass him somehow. She told me to pick up some balloons and a cake on my way home and I was like no way am I going to bring balloons because Brett would freak!! On the way the town before the party I think he was kind of worried what we were going to do to embarass him. I told him we were going to sing Happy Birthday to him and he freaked out. Well we didn't do anything to embarass him, we just got him worked up a little:) It ended up being a fun night with the siblings and Stac. Of course we missed Brandi though:(
Saturday night Brad and I went uptown for Rob's surprise 30th toga party. He was a good time sitting around with friends chatting and playing cards! Rob's wife is also pregnant and she is due a week after me so I wasn't the only one not able to drink.
Today Brad had to go to work at one and Camden and I have been laying around doing absolutely nothing. It's just one of those days!
Camden also has a crisis right now. The other day he came home from daycare and kind of sighed and I asked him what was wrong and he said " Mom, I have 2 girlfriends now." I of coursed asked him why because before he told me Whitney was just his girlfriend. He said "Because Sami asked me to be her boyfriend today and I told her I would." I thought oh my gosh you are 3 years old and you are already talking like this! Brad of course being a man was like I was like that at 3 years old. We kind of tease Camden about Whitney. I have asked him if he has kissed his girlfriend and he said no because you have to sit in timeout if you do that at daycare:) Seriously 3 years old and he is talking about girlfriends! I think all kids go through this at an early age! I remember having a boyfriend in preschool, but he is definetly taking after his dad! But that was his crisis, having 2 girlfriends!

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Aaron or Jamie said...

Lol! That is so cute about Camden and his girlfriends!