Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

It's actually hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone! Camden and I survived all the running around and it went alot better than I expected. He was pretty excited for Christmas this year. We were on our way back home and he kept looking out the window and all of sudden he said "I think I just saw Santa's sleigh." I kinda of just chuckled to myself. We started off by attending my mom's wedding Christmas Eve late morning. We hung out with her for awhile afterwards and then it was off to Papa's house. It ended up all of us siblings were there and we just hung out all afternoon and layed around. For supper that night we headed to Stac's for the Angle part of Christmas. Since Stac and Mike have redone the station and have a nice area we had our Christmas up there after the store closed. Before we sat down for supper Santa Clause arrived. Camden was not to thrilled with him and would not sit on his lap but after awhile he was used to him and was telling him everything he wanted for Christmas. I of course forgot my camera that night but Stac got a couple pictures of him and I with Santa. After we got done there us kids headed back to dad's to have Christmas with him. We pretty much opened presents, sat around for awhile, watched a movie, and then it was time for bed. Christmas Day morning we got up and Camden was excited that Santa had also stopped at Papa's house. Then it was off to the Beadle side Christmas for dinner. I can tell you there is never a dull moment in the Beadle household. We had alot of fun opening presents, listening to Christmas music, eating, and talking about old times! Going to the Beadle side is always a goodtime! Camden had a blast playing with Cassie and the Roman girls. I think after awhile Taylor was sick of them always asking her to play! By the time it was time for us to head out and drive back to Primghar the weather was getting kind of crappy but the roads were good enough to get home. Camden was getting so tired and crabby by the time we were getting ready to leave. He really did play hard and was running around constantly. When I was putting him in the car to leave he started crying and I asked him what was wrong and he said "I just want to go home because I miss my daddy." (yes we missed daddy alot!) I don't think I was even 5 miles down the road and he was passed out sleeping in the car and he never takes naps anymore but he was so tired so he slept the whole way home. Before we left to go back home for Christmas we left cookies, milk, and a letter to Santa. When we got home that night Camden's eyes were huge when he saw that Santa drank the milk and ate the cookies;) So we had our family christmas here that night and Camden again had some more Santa presents. I don't think Camden needs anymore toys for another couple of years! He got way to spoiled this year! We had a great Christmas being with family back in Swea but it was very nice to get home and be with Brad and have our Christmas. Christmas is actually not over for us yet. Tomorrow Brad's parents are coming down to do our Christmas and then in a couple weeks we are doing Christmas with my mom down at my house. I hope everyone had a good christmas! I will be posting some pictures and videos from Christmas sometime in the next couple of days.

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