Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Concert

Camden(bottom row)
Camden and Sami(one of his girlfriends)

So grown up

Camden introducing himself to the audience.

Tonight Camden had his christmas concert for Preschool. He was all dressed up and looked so grown up! In the middle of the concert they dressed up as cows, shepards, and angels. The concert was so cute and he did so good!

This is a partial clip from the concert....I can't figure out how to flip it clockwise so it's the right way. Where I download pics and videos I can flip the photos but it won't let me do the videos. It's making me mad. I will have to have Brad figure it out! Camden is in the front row.


Scott Nelsen said...

The lil' guy is growing up...those black shoes realy make his outfit!

Aaron or Jamie said...

What a little man! Too cute!

Brooke Stevens said...

Yea those black shoes should make his outfit after having a hell of a time finding the damn things!