Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brrr, it's cold outside!

He put tons of candy on it!

Eating the candy and frosting

The weather went from 40 degrees on Saturday to 2 degrees today! The weather said for Primghar right now is -1 but feels like -28. The winds are gusting terribly at 30-40 mph and the snow is coming down and I don't think it would be fun to be out on the roads about now. Actually the O'brien county sheriffs office just came over the t.v. and is recommending no travel in O'Brien county with visibilities of O. The visibility in town is reduced so I am sure the country is terrible! Tonight wind chills are supose to be -25 and that is fricking COLD!!!! Well now that I gave you the weather report onto our weekend. Friday we went to a friend of ours christmas party. It was lots of fun seeing people I have not seen for awhile and there were lots of people I did not even know. I bet there was 50+ people there! I thought we had alot of people when we had 35 people in our house for a party last year. It was fun way to spend a Friday night. Saturday Camden had to go color christmas pictures with other Jaycee kids to put in envelopes along with a christmas gift to go around and hand out to some elderly, people that are sick or have trouble getting out in Primghar. He enjoyed going to people's houses and giving the gifts to them! It was a great idea for Jaycee's to do this and I know the people that receive it appreciate it also. Saturday afternoon I went with a few other Jaycee girls to go shopping for our adopt a families. It was fun with the girls and also knowing we were doing something good for other families.
Sunday after dinner we braved the cold and went to Spencer to get groceries and do some shopping. After we got home Camden and I made our gingerbread house that he has been impatiently waiting to do. He had fun and had enough sugar from all the candy and frosting he ate! Brad made some chili that was delicious for supper since we are having such cold weather!
Well that's about all our weekend consisted of. Hope you all had a good weekend and now it's back to another work week.
Oh yeah, the packers lose again today! My husband has not been a happy camper lately with them losing alot lately! They were doing pretty good at the beginning of the season but the end of the season has not been so great!

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