Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

Even though we didn't do much this weekend it went by SO fast! Brad had to work all weekend so it was just Camden and I. I am getting to the point where I feel like I have alot to do before this baby comes. I have made a list of everything I need to do or things I need to get before this baby comes. It's a long list! And it will probably take me weeks to get done:) I started tackling my list this weekend by starting to clean closets and dressers out. Once I get going I can't stop! I am also trying to figure out how I want to do the nursery for the baby. I spent some online time shopping for decor for the room. I am also looking for sports decor for Camden's room and deciding how I want his room done too. I don't think I will be redoing his room til after the baby is here but I am always looking for things in case I find a good sale. Camden and I went to Spencer and did a little shopping this weekend and also did some looking for the baby. Ok I know I told everyone that I did not know the sex of the baby but I actually really do. Brad and I decided we wanted to find out and also decided we were not going to tell anyone. The reason behind telling everyone we didn't find out was because we didn't want everyone bugging us to tell them what it is. We told everyone that the baby was too active to find out and the ultrasound lady was not definate on the sex. Sorry guys! We have gotten to the point where we don't care if people know we know but still will not be revealing the sex of the baby. The ultrasound tech gave us a 90% on the sex of the baby! So yes I am keeping all receipts just in case she was wrong!!! And we have picked out a boy and girl name just in case also...HA!! Oh yeah and Camden does not know what it is week he is saying he is having a sister and this week he says he is having a brother! We will have to see!!
So that we pretty much the weekend for us here! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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