Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday party!

I wish I had half the energy a 4 year old has! We celebrated Camden's birthday party today with 5 of his friends. The 2 1/2 hours they were here they ran wild and were full of so much energy! They had tons of fun and they all should sleep good tonight, Camden was getting pretty tired by the end of it! Camden got a new nerf gun, bubble machine, semi with cars, power rangers, a kite, books, and a race car. He is having tons of fun playing with everything!
Tomorrow is Camden's actual birthday and we are supose to be heading to the lakes to Bridges Bay to meet some family. We might wait and go to the waterpark next weekend and head to Mankato tomorrow to see my Grandma in the hospital. We are unsure what we will be doing as of right now! I told Camden today that Grandma Beadle was in the hospital and she is sick. He says "Awwww poor girl, does she have a tummy ache?" I just said yeah something kind of like that because being 4 he wouldn't understand why she is really sick!
Anways the day was fun and all of us are exhausted after the party! We will be doing presents with Camden tomorrow after Brad wakes up. He is excited to get more presents!
Also I wanted to thank Anne for making all his cupcakes she made for tomorrow and ones for him to take to preschool on Monday! It is much appreciated!!
I will post some pics of today later tonight if I get around to it!

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