Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Am I 4 yet??

That question sure is getting old. Yes Camden is so excited to be turning 4! The kid asked me daily if it's his birthday yet. He knows his bday is March 29th and I have showed him how many more days but he constantly asks! The most exciting thing about being 4 is he will get to play on the loft at daycare. They have this area where kids can go up and play with some of the older toys, games, etc. You can look down and still see the other kids. It was a neat idea for the daycare to build it for the older kids. We have a busy weekend planned for his birthday. Friday he will celebrate at daycare, Saturday is his friends birthday at our house, Sunday we are going to the waterpark to meet some family, and Monday he will celebrate at preschool. He is going to be exhausted but he is so ready to be 4!!

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