Tuesday, March 24, 2009

4 year checkup!

Today we had Camden's 4 year physical. Ever since Camden was about one I hated taking him to the doctor and he hated going because it was a struggle at times!! Last year was the first year he didn't throw a fit about having to go to the doctor and this year he was excellent. He let them do everything they had to do. We started going to the doctor here in Primghar and has grown to like his doctor. Today I told him that we are going to see Dr.Desai and he was going to check him over to see if he was able to turn 4. After everything was done Doc said everything was great! It was a sigh of relief for me again with his ears. He said there was no infection and no fluid....2 great signs that he may be outgrowing them!! He grew a couple inches and only gained 2 lbs....he is a very picky eater but doctor said he will go through a growth spurt so he is not worried! YAY Camden can turn 4!!

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