Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Doc Appointment

We had our monthly checkup on Monday. Everything was good except for the fact that I failed my glucose test. I was dreading that test the whole day because I had to drink that gross glucose drink and I had to get poked! I hate needles. It's not like they really hurt when I get my blood drawn, but it's just the fact of the needle. It's crazy because I see needles all the time during work! This test at least is just a finger poke but I am still not thrilled about that! Anyways the doc said alot of people can fail there first test and he wasn't too worried. I just barely failed the test but he wanted me to do the 3 hour glucose test. So yeah that means getting my blood drawn once an hour for 3 hours and having to drink the glucose. Oh joy I get to get poked 3 more times!! But other than that test everything was good for our checkup. I am doing pretty good, just a little tired and achey some days! I will be 26 weeks on Friday!
Well I am off work and I am going to go enjoy the nice weather we are having!:)

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