Sunday, March 22, 2009

Over already??

It doesn't feel like I have had the past 4 days off, it went by so fast! I guess most weekends tend to go fast. Now back to work tomorrow!
Friday Brad and I went to Spencer and did some shopping and went out for lunch. Camden went to daycare because I was doing some birthday shopping for him(I think I am almost done for his bday but I have to order just one more thing) After we got home we headed over to some friends to watch basketball and had supper with them. It ended up being a late night but we all had a good time!
Saturday late morning Mike, Anne and Tristyn came up for the day and grilled, watched basketball all afternoon and went out for supper that night. It was a long day but had a great time and the weather Saturday was absolutley beautiful on Saturday!!
Sunday afternoon we headed up to Cutty's. Camden was invited to his friend Traven's birthday party. We are friend's with Traven's parents and they asked if we could go along as extra hands while swimming. It was a great party and Camden had fun!! He is pretty tired after an afternoon of swimming.
It has been awhile since I have been up to Cutty's. We used to go there growing up since my grandparents had a membership there. It brought back alot of memories today being up there. If I would of known my grandparents were getting rid of their's a couple years ago we would have bought it from them. The last couple summers we have talked about it and I think we are going to buy a membership sometime. And with kids it is a fun place to go for a weekend! It would be nice to have that membership because we have alot of friend's that go up there and camp during the summer. I would not do the whole camping thing because I am not a camper! I would get a room or a cabin!!
Once we got home from Cutty's Brad took off for Onawa to stay at his buddies and then they will be heading to a school in Des Moines tomorrow and will be back late tomorrow night. That does not seem fun having to do all that driving!! By the looks of it outside I think we are going to be in for a good thunderstorm tonight!
Anyways I will post some pics later of our weekend!

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