Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well the weather stopped us from going to Sioux City for my appointment this morning. The roads were teribble and pure ice so we just decided to reschedule for Monday.
This afternoon we did make it to Paullina for Camden's dentist appointment. He was a little unsure about opening his mouth at first but then he did fine and let the dentist do his thing. The first time he went to the dentist he did the same thing. I am sure it is overwhelming for a little one with the bright lights, big chair, and all the instruments they use. The dentist never put any instruments in his mouth because he didn't want to scare him since he was doing so good. He thought maybe he had the start of a little cavity but didn't think it was anything and there was no need to put a filling in. Overall his teeth looked good though and the dentist told him to keep brushing his teeth! He actually likes to brush his teeth. After he was done he told me I like the dentist. Well I am glad he does! The dentist we go to is so kid friendly and is really good with Camden.
Well I am off work til Monday so I am not sure what we are going to do this weekend. Brad has to work all weekend so I am sure Camden and I will find something to do. Hopefully the weather clears up a little. This weather put a damper on me getting excited and ready for Spring!!!

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