Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun Weekend

This weekend went by so fast but we had alot of fun. We headed to Sioux City for the weekend with another couple. It was supose to be us and 3 other couples but for 2 of them something came up. It's becoming a yearly thing that we all get away for the weekend and pick a different place each year. Last year we all went to the cities for Brad's 30th. Grandpa Paul came down early Saturday morning to pick up Camden for the night and we headed to Sioux City. My friend Anne and I enjoyed a whole day of shopping. I got alot of shopping done for the baby and got Camden a bunch of summer clothes. The guys pretty much did there own thing and enjoyed sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, watching sports and playing Golden Tee. They both I think are a little competitive especially when playing that game:) Later that night we had a nice supper and did some bowling. By the time bowling was over and with the time change it was one in the morning and we thought we better call it a night! It's not fun to lose a hour of sleep!!
Sunday morning we woke up to some pretty crappy weather. We got some breakfast and headed out and the roads were definetly not the greatest coming home. Overall it was a fun weekend with our friends and nice to get away!
This week has started and I think it's going to be a busy! I think every night we have something going on. Hope you all have a good week!:)

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