Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday/Camden's Birthday

It's hard to believe my "baby" turned 4 today! This morning he got up and was ready to open presents, he didn't even want to eat breakfast. We had to wait til Brad got up after sleeping for a couple hours. He was pretty excited about all his presents! After presents we showered up and headed to Mankato to see my Grandma in the hospital. She seems to be pretty weak and very tired. From what I saw and everyone has told me she is getting better each day. We visisted for awhile and then it was time for her to get some rest because she was getting pretty tired. After leaving the hospital we headed to Fairmont to have a pizza party for Camden's birthday. Brad's parents, Buzz, Tab, Cassie, Oz, and Brett all met us there. Camden got to open more presents throughout the day and he was thrilled! After making a couple more stops we headed home and are all very tired. Camden didn't want to go to bed because he wanted to play with all his "cool" presents! He has preschool tomorrow and has one more day of celebrating his birthday!
I will post some pictures later.......

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