Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today Camden and I ran up to ProGo because I needed to get a few things and wanted to get a movie. Camden got a treat and a bug juice and he put it on the counter for me to pay for it and the guy checking us out said hi to Camden. Camden sorta of looked down and didn't say anything. He usually at least says hi but can be very shy at times. After we checked out we were walking out and Camden told me he couldn't say hi to that guy because he didn't know him and he was a stranger. I am glad he has learned about that and he understands what a stranger is. The guy checking us out was just being friendly and it would of been ok for Camden to say hi to him but Camden chose not to because he didn't know him. Gosh he probably thought Camden was a brat for not saying hi! There have been many people that say hi to him that we don't know when we are getting groceries, shopping, etc. Ya know like the older people or Grandma type people! Most people are just being friendly but sometimes you just never know! I think it would be ok for Camden to say hi to people if they say hi to him,but only if mom and dad are around. Trying to explain that to him may get him a little confused about who are strangers and who is not so I am just going to leave it alone and let him think that about strangers because he obviously did the right thing:)

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