Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ENT appointment

Camden has to get his ears checked every 6 months with the ENT doc because he has tubes in his ears. I was very nervous going today even though he has not had any problems but I was nervous the tubes would be out and we would have to do them again. His first set of tubes were when he was about 9 months old and we have had to replace them 2 times after that because they had fallen out. Ever since then he has been a very healthy boy...they do wonders!! The downfall is though when they fall out he tends to get some fluid in his ears right away and that is why we have to replace them and do it again. Last June is the last time he had them replaced and we decided to do tonsils and adenoids to see if that would help with the fluid when they fell out. But overall he has been so healthy other the last 3 years other than a few runny noses or a few colds. (knock on wood) I really can't complain because his first year of life he was sick all the time!!
Today the doc said his right tube had fallen out and was just laying in his ear canal so he took it out and the other tube was still in. He said his ears were not red or did not look infected but he wanted to do a tympanogram to see if he had any fluid in his ears and the ear with the tube that had fallen out showed a perfect line on the machine....WHEW!!! The other ear showed that the tube was open and still working! Tubes don't get rid of infections they help prevent them until a child can grow out of them. So the news we got today was great and we are hoping he is just outgrowing them.
So that is one appointment down for us this week and two more to go. I have doctor appointment on thursday morning and Camden has dentist appointment thursday afternoon! Hopefully both of those go good!!

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