Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A kiss?? No Mom!!

Camden celebrated Valentine's day at school today and he was so excited when I woke him up this morning to go to school. A couple night ago we made over 50 valentine's for preschool and daycare. He was having a hard time waiting to give them to everyone today and he kept saying he was going to give one to his girlfriend too. We were in Walmart this past weekend and we were buying candy for the Valentine's and he came across a big heart that was full of candy and he wanted to give that to his girlfriend, well we never did end up buying it! When I picked him up from school today I asked him how his party was and he had to show me all the valentine's and then I asked him if he gave his girlfriend a kiss and he said "Mom I can't kiss her because I will get in trouble!" HAHA I guess at least he knows better. He got enough candy today to last for awhile. He has a daycare valentine party on Friday so he will have his fair share of candy from there too! I don't think I need to get him any candy for Valentine's day considering he will have plenty!

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